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Death Proof – Minute Movie Review

Montag, Oktober 11th, 2010


A group of attractive young woman meets the mysterious and creepy Stuntman Mike, whose fetish is deadly car crashes. Naturally, things don’t end well for the girls, but luckily Mike meets some more formidable opponents as his next targets. Quentin Tarantino’s homage to the grindhouse thrillers, cheap exploitation flicks designed to entertained and titillate, is far too sophisticated for its own good. The fake scratches in the picture can not disguise the polished design. Tarantino made an entertaining film – even his worst efforts, such as this one, are that – but it works neither as a homage nor a spoof of a genre that is probably best forgotten. Simply put: a bad script and bad acting do not make a so-bad-it’s-good film, you also need a bad director for that. Undone by his own vanity, Tarantino luckily went on to make the far superior Inglourious Basterds.

Random Observations:

Death Proof at the IMDb

I first saw the film in an open-air cinema back in 2007, the only showing of the original Grindhouse double bill (combined with Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror) in Germany. It started to really rain after the first thirty minutes, so I left early. And while the rest of the film is slightly better than the beginning, it’s not any better than I hoped or expected.

When you desperately need bad actors, it’s not such a bold move to cast a stuntwoman (Zoe Bell) in a lead role. Surprisingly, her acting doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.

The female dialogue Tarantino writes is so annoying that you can’t help but root for bad guy Kurt Russell, who while not cool or scare, at least is not annoying. At least until his inevitable breakdown into a crying baby.

I really should have put spoiler tags on that last paragraph. My bad.

Adventskalender 12

Samstag, Dezember 12th, 2009

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Minute Movie Review – Rent

Freitag, März 14th, 2008


Rent is based on the famous opera “La Boheme”. The story is transported into the early ’90s and into New York’s alphabet city, but the general story is still very similar. The protagonists deal with poverty, AIDS and what “boheme” actually means – each while trying to solve the problems in their lives. Friendships and relationships are destroyed and later repaired and all set to rock music and songs that actually advance the story. The film is a direct adaptation of the Broadway musical, even starring most of the original cast. But this is also maybe its weakest point, since they are all about a decade older than their personae and this is sometimes painfully obvious. Nevertheless, the story is moving and the music and singing is good, so most people will gladly overlook it.

Random Observations:

Rent at

People familiar with the stage musical will be glad to hear that the songs missing from the movie were actually recorded as well and are included as bonus material on the DVD.

Many people criticize the film for being “out of touch with reality” since AIDS isn’t recognized as the threat it was considered in the early ’90s anymore. Nevertheless, the lessons of the movie (just like those of the original opera) are pretty much timeless and certainly deserve to be heard today.