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Rain Man – Minute Movie Review

Freitag, Oktober 1st, 2010


Not exactly successful car dealer Tom Cruise isn’t very sad when his father dies. But when he hears that he left all his money to a formerly unknown brother, who is severely autistic, Cruise more or less kidnaps his brother to get at the money. But naturally, things don’t quite work out this way in this classic drama about brothers, life, autism and Dustin Hoffman’s acting abilities. Though not quite as brilliant as I remembered, the film still holds up reasonably well more than twenty years after its release.

Random Observations:

Rain Man at the IMDb

In the farm house scene, where they go to watch “People’s Court”, Beth Grant plays the mother. I honestly did not recognize her. How embarrassing.

Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for his performance, the starting point for the famous “full retard” speech from the solid comedy Tropic Thunder.

I was inspired to watch this film again by the casino/card-counting scene from The Hangover, that was a clear homage to this film.

It’s funny what you remember from films that you haven’t seen in many years. I completely forgot about Cruise’s girlfriend and I could have sworn that the last scene was different – but the scene in my mind was only alluded to throughout the film. “Dad let’s my drive slow in the driveway. I’m an excellent driver.”

The Color of Money – Minute Movie Review

Dienstag, April 13th, 2010


25 years after his last game of pool, The Hustler Paul Newman gets back into it to stake newcomer Tom Cruise. Together with his girlfriend, they go on the road, he teaches him everything he knows about hustling and thereby rediscovers his own love for the game – and not just for making money. Thoroughly unnecessary, the film is nevertheless a well made continuation of Fast Eddie’s story, artfully directed by Martin Scorsese. The film is much more entertaining than its predecessor, but ultimately doesn’t pack as mighty a punch.

Random Observations:

The Color of Money at the IMDb

Aside from Newman, nobody from the original film makes a comeback.

There is lots of unnecessary posturing in the film, which is all kinds of distracting.

Adventskalender 10

Donnerstag, Dezember 10th, 2009

Click the link to open the tenth door. Klick auf den Link, um das zehnte Türchen zu öffnen.

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Risky Business – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, September 2nd, 2009


When Joel’s parents are out of town, he takes the advise of a friend and just says “What the fuck” to everything, living the high life, regardless of consequences. Naturally, those occur anyway and so he has to start a risky business, a brothel, to cover his mistakes. If you think this is completely ridiculous, you are right. If you think this is a contemporary black comedy, you are wrong. This is the classic teen comedy from 1983, starring a young Tom Cruise. And while the film has some funny scenes, it’s mostly just patently stupid.

Random Observations:

Risky Business at the IMDb

Minute Movie Review – Collateral

Montag, Juni 15th, 2009


In Los Angeles, a cab driver with plans for his own company is hired by a man for an entire night – and discovers that his fare is a contract killer when a dead body drops on his cab. What follows is a stylish mixture of thriller, drama and psychological study, that is sadly undercut completely by a predictable, run-of-the-mill ending. I’m not sure whether the ending completely ruins the otherwise great movie, but it certainly leaves a bad aftertaste and lessens the enjoyment you get from the film until then. But it’s stark aesthetic and superb acting by both leads, especially Tom Cruise in an extremely unusual villianous role, makes it worth watching in either case.

Random Observations:

Collateral at

Mark Ruffalo has a supporting role in this and it is incredible to how different he looks from his usual self – and other roles. I always know that I know the actor when I see him, but I also always need to look up his name to tie his performances together.

One of the first films to be shot largely digitally, making full use of the advantages DV has over film in night scenes, since it needs less lighting.

The style and some scenes are very similar to Michael Mann’s earlier film Heat – which is actually much better and an absolute masterpiece.

Minute Movie Review – Tropic Thunder

Mittwoch, Mai 13th, 2009


A movie about the making of a movie, Tropic Thunder tells the story of what happens when a novice director sets out to make the most expensive war movie. The comedy written and directed by and starring Ben Stiller, manages to poke fun at Hollywood and movie-making as well as the nature of celebrity and acting. The film drew some criticism for having a white actor appear in Black Face and the heavy use of the word “retard”, but since both occur to make jokes at the expense of neither black people nor mentally handicapped people, it is undeserved and should not distract from your enjoyment of a solid comedy.

Random Observations:

Tropic Thunder at

The movie starts with fake trailers for movies starring the main actors. Method actor Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.) is in a film about a gay monk, starring “Five Times Academy Award Winner Kirk Lazarus and Teen Choice Award Winner for Best Kiss Tobey Maguire”. I knew I was going to enjoy that movie when I heard that.

Especially funny is Tom Cruise’s performance as a overweight, balding, “slightly” crazy Studio Mogul. Cruise is barely recognizable in the make-up.

I’m not a big fan of Jack Black, but when he is set opposite actors that calm, his “bubbly personality” is bearable. That doesn’t make, however, the “jokes” for which the film uses him the least bit funny.

Minute Movie Review – Mission: Impossible III

Dienstag, April 21st, 2009


IMF agent Ethan Hunt has resorted to training new agents and is ready to settle down with his new wife when the antics of a weapon’s dealer force him to go into the field once more. The film is a well-made action thriller with a great cast – especially Philip Seymour Hoffman as the main villain is tremendous – and some nice new takes on the same old staples of action movies. If you like popcorn entertainment, you will enjoy this film.

Random Observations:

Mission: Impossible III at

Many of the cast members are not quite A-list actors and actresses, but they have long been among my favourites. In addition to PSH these are Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Michelle Monaghan and Billy Crudup.

I disliked the opening scene revealing so much of where the movie was headed. It was intended to increase suspense, but for me showing something that happens later in the storyline always makes the story before that kind of obsolete.

Minute Movie Review – Mission: Impossible II

Sonntag, April 19th, 2009


Tom Cruise returns in Ethan Hunt, a sequel to Mission: Impossible only in name. Instead of a clever and (overly) complicated thriller, this film is an action movie with a little plot thrown in as an excuse to show various people tearing of masks that make them look like other people in the film. There are some really nice action scenes, but the ridiculous story make the film hard to enjoy.

Random Observations:

Mission: Impossible II at

Apparently, the first cut of the film was 90 minutes longer than the release cut. That might explain why the plot was riddled with holes.

Director John Woo ordered the screenwriter to write a screenplay around the action scenes he wanted to shoot. This might also explain why the plot was riddled with holes.

Remember, kids: If you throw your Oakley sunglasses away, they will explode in the air!

In addition to Tom Cruise, Ving Rames is the only cast member from the first film to return.

I love when establishing shots of a city use a world famous landmark (like the Sidney Opera), only to still show the name of the city on screen. It’s moments like these that make the intended audience for a film painfully obvious.

Minute Movie Review – Mission: Impossible

Sonntag, April 19th, 2009


Based, loosely, on a 70s television series, “Mission: Impossible” has Tom Cruise uncover a conspiracy in a Bond-like espionage thriller. Full of twist and turns and with exciting action scenes without resorting to gunplay, the film rests largely on the charisma of leading man Cruise. If you like his slightly creepy persona, you will enjoy the film. If you can’t see him without thinking about inventing a religion, you will not.

Random Observations:

Mission: Impossible at

The film doesn’t quite hold up on repeat viewings, when you know what is going to happen and aren’t shocked by the reveals.

Unless somebody screams to prevent it, this week could well turn into Tom Cruise week…

Minute Movie Review – Valkyrie

Sonntag, Februar 1st, 2009


Valkyrie tells the true story of Graf von Stauffenberg, a German Colonel involved in a plot to kill Hitler. Tom Cruise takes on the lead role in a mostly authentic retelling that takes the form of a thriller, exchanging suspense – getting built despite the known outcome – for an exploration in the reasons for the assassination attempt. Focusing a bit too much on one single reason for it all  – “to show the world that not every German was like Hitler” – the film is nevertheless entertaining and an interesting take on one of the few moments of WWII history Germans can be proud of.

Random Observations:

Valkyrie at

The fact that the American actors talk with American accents, the British actors with British accents and the German actors with German accents is only slightly annoying. Much more annoying are the occassional attempts by Tom Cruise, especially in the opening scene, to talk with a German accent, then quickly dropping it again.

The best actor in the whole thing is easily Kenneth Branagh, who has little more than a cameo, but is much more convincing as a German officer than the other actors.