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Minute Movie Review – I’m Not There.

Sonntag, März 16th, 2008


I’m Not There is a kind of biography/documentary/mockumentary about Bob Dylan – who is never mentioned by name. Instead, six characters take on different aspects of his life. At least that is the idea. Sadly, it doesn’t really work. While Christian Bale, Heath Ledger or Cate Blanchett certainly are talented enough to play Dylan, the film focuses to much on being different, on being art instead of entertainment and on being something new and unique, that it never works. There is no real plot, the idea to split Dylan’s life into several lives might appeal to die-hard Dylan fans, but nobody else and unless you are still delusional about Dylan’s importance to music, you will probably not enjoy it. It’s confused and confusing – and with over two hours about 120 minutes too long.

Random Observations:

I’m Not There at

If only filmmakers would remember that just because something is different that doesn’t mean that it is better. So many disasters like this one could have been averted!

Here’s a rule of thumb on when you might like the movie: If you think that not even naming the subject of the film is cool, you’ll probably like the film. If you realize how ridiculous this is considering that everyone only talks about “that Dylan film”, you won’t.

Bob Dylan fanatics will probably also enjoy this movie – but when you are fanatic about something, you enjoy everything connected to that, even if it is utter trash.