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The Rocketeer – Minute Movie Review

Sonntag, November 8th, 2009


In 1938, a pilot and his engineer trying to compete in the nationals find a jetpack that a robber left behind. Naturally, that leads to the pilot becoming a comic book hero. Coincidentally, this film is based on a comic book. It’s a fairly entertaining albeit ridiculous story that makes for some nice entertainment, especially thanks to the always glorious Timothy Dalton in the main role. Sadly, the ridiculousness gets a bit much towards the end, but if you are willing to not think about it too much, you will enjoy the film.

Random Observations:

The Rocketeer at the IMDb

Note to self: Write these “reviews” before you forget everything about the film.

My 22 Favourite Bond Films

Mittwoch, April 15th, 2009

[Editor's note: This intro is unnecessarily long and embarrassingly personal. You might just want to skip to the list, after the cut.]
When I was a young boy – maybe six to ten years old – the films about superspy James Bond were a regular feature on television. My father always watched them and whenever I could, I would watch with him, staying up well past my bedtime. I might not have understood everything that was going on – the sexual innuendo and political implications definitely were lost on me – but I understood one fundamental thing that attracted me to the franchise: That James Bond guy was really cool. Today, in an attempt to show off my expanded vocabulary, I might call him suave, charming or even sophisticated, but those words don’t quite describe how fascinated I – and millions if not billions of other people – were by his adventures.

When Goldeneye was released in 1995, after a six year hiatus, it was impossible to believe that Bond was actually on the big screen. He had become such a central television figure for me, that it took me seven more years to decide to see a Bond movie in a movie theatre. (Yes, I am aware that I am mixing British and American English. It annoys me to no end, but I have come to accept it as a slight quirk of my writing.) Nevertheless, I have always claimed that I had seen all Bond movies, but in discussions with fellow aficionados, I have lately realized that I actually remembered embarrassingly little of them.

So, in order to remedy that grave slight on my reputation as a film connoisseur, I decided to rewatch all 22 Bond films made by Eon Productions, i.e. the official Bond films. There are two more: the 1967 parody Casino Royale starring David Niven and 1983′s Never Say Never Again, a remake of Thunderball by Warner that brought back the long retired Sean Connery as Bond. These are not included in the list for the simple reason that they don’t particularly fit and I also had no desire to watch them (again) after seeing so much of Bond over the last four weeks. The following list of the movies ranks them on personal like and dislike, no matter how objective the reviews are worded. If you disagree with my assessment, you are nevertheless wrong. But I would love to tell you why if you told me which movie is much better or worse than I believe in the comments!

And now, without even further ado, the most epic post ever written for this blog! (Isn’t the list of tags impressively long?)

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Minute Movie Review – Hot Fuzz

Montag, Januar 28th, 2008


Hot Fuzz is basically a genre parody – of action movies, police movies and anything similar. It tells the story of London’s best policeman officer – Nicholas Angel. He is so good, that he gets transferred to the small town of Sandford. There, the most exciting assignment seems to be an escaped swan – until a series of suspicious accidents causes Angel to think like a police officer again. Hot Fuzz was one of the most heralded comedies of 2007 and rightfully so. Even though the plot is (intentionally) a little too outrageous, the film is truly funny, with great lines (that cornerstone of every good comedy) and good acting.

Random Observations:

Hot Fuzz at

The writers of Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg (who also plays the lead character) and Edgar Wright (who also directs) teamed up before for the horror parody “Shaun of the Dead“. I haven’t seen it, but apparently it is very entertaining as well.

Former Bond Timothy Dalton plays one of the antagonists in this movie. He really has aged a lot, but is still a decent actor. (I know all you Moore and Connery fanatics won’t agree.)

Listen closely when Danny asks Nicholas about things he has done before…