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Mittwoch, Januar 14th, 2009

Over the last several months, it has happened occassionally that people used a search engine and were brought to my site. Most of these searches were pretty straightforward and I’m fairly certain that the people looking for “die welle review” or “christoph hartwig” found what they were looking for. There were some other quests, however, that were fatally unfulfilled. Since at Fabricated Truth we do everything for our readers, even one time readers who are unlikely to ever return, here are some of the search terms along with a guess what the person was looking for – so that the next time they will find an answer. (weiterlesen …)

Minute Movie Review – The Astronaut Farmer

Mittwoch, November 21st, 2007


It would be easy to say that the Astronaut Farmer is a typical underdog movie: A man who failed to fly to space builds a rocket in his backyard to make his dream come true. In the course of the film every possible obstacle is thrown in his way: lack of money, legal problems, ridicule and even a failed attempt. But of course he succeeds in the end, just because he (and his family) never stopped believing. The problem is that even for that kind of movie, the premise is ridiculous. I don’t know much about space travel, but I have heard of enough disasters (Columbia or Challenger anyone?) to know that it is not that easy to get right. And sometimes you get the feeling that the filmmakers know that and are not taking themselves entirely seriously. Those are the good parts, but mostly the movie is dead serious and no amount of decent special effects and desperate attempts at heartbreaking sentimentality can make the movie enjoyable.

Random Observations:

The Astronaut Farmer at

You know this movie is set in Texas when you look at the kids’ names: The son is called Shepard, the daughters (played by the daughters of the director and screenwriter) are named Sunshine and Stanley.

This is very much a family movie: Not only are the daugthers of the director and the screenwriter in the movie, the two men are also identical twins. Normally I would say something scathing here, but the two little girls were actually the best actors in the movie.

Bruce Willis may not be credited for his role, but from the way he acted it sure seemed as if he was in on the joke the rest of the production missed.

It doesn’t surprise me that Germany is the first country apart from the US to get a wide release. See it in theaters from December 27th on. Or rather don’t.

After the success, astronaut Farmer is actually on Jay Leno’s show. That might be the best part of the movie and considering how bad Leno is, that is saying a lot.