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Minute Movie Review – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Donnerstag, Februar 5th, 2009


“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” tells the story of a man who ages backwards. Born as an old man, he gradially becomes younger before being a child when he is old. The story is told through flashbacks as the love of his life lies dieing in a hospital bed, her daughter reading from his memoirs and her filling the blanks. While the technological aspects of the movie are fairly impressive, the film is both tediously long (almost three hours) and clearly aimed at a fairly stupid audience, using voice-over narration for almost all scenes and applying a symbolism with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.  Add some ridiculous scenes and a bunch of overrated actors and you are left with a movie that never lives up to its promise of telling an unusual life story.

Random Observations:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at

What ridiculous scenes, you ask? What about the one where a tugboat is used to sink a submarine?

The movie is set in New Orleans, right during Hurricane Katrina. Why? Because Lousiana offers lots of money if you film there. Storms may be a significant theme of the film, but they are not a relevant one.

While old Brad Pitt’s make-up was believable, he still looked forty when he was supposed to be twenty.

The film’s similarities to Forrest Gump, from the same screenwriter, are amazing:

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump – watch more funny videos

The fake accents used throughout the film are very annoying. Especially when Cate Blanchett returns to her native Australian while desperately trying for that Southern America one.