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A Cry for Help

Donnerstag, Februar 19th, 2009

I am currently in the process of making full use of the tag system of WordPress and adding meaningful tags to all 200+ posts on this blog. Since this is a lot of mindless work, I will probably make a lot of mistakes – if I haven’t done so already. Should you spot such a mistake (a misspelling, a wrong tag, a mising tag), please comment on the post and I will change/delete/add it. Thank you!

The tags for movie reviews, just to give you an idea, should include the title of the film, the production year, the country of origin, the genre(s), the director, the writer (if deemed important by me), the principal cast members, other movies mentioned in the review, whether the film is part of a franchise, a book adaptation, a sequel or similar information.

Update: The re-tagging is now finished. Instead of <100 tags, there are now 1,720. All have been checked for errors twice (I really should put the same effort into error checking my posts…), but there are probably still a bunch of mistakes. So if you spot any, comment on the post or here!