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Fabricated Truth 3.0

Freitag, Januar 18th, 2013

When I started this blog, more than five years ago, I had no idea where it was headed. I wrote about all manner of things, but mostly about film. I wrote literally hundreds of what I called “Minute Movie Reviews”, starting with Bottle Rocket and culminating, years later, with The Good German. I wrote about other things as well, but that was merely a sideshow. It was all about film. I wrote about the writers’ strike in Hollywood. I wrote about the Award Season (And for those that read German, I urge to again remember why the Golden Globes are no indication for the Oscars and are actually worthless.) . I wrote about films I particularly liked and even tried a more scholarly approach to them, once. The first Fabricated Truth was all about film.

This lasted for nearly three years. Three happy, fruitless years of consistent movie watching and misery. After which time, I went to Australia. The language of the blog changed to German and I wrote about my life on the other side of the world. I wrote about my travels. I wrote about my jobs. I wrote about my personal life. Or lack thereof. I even wrote about my struggles with depression and other, even more tedious forms of mental illness. A blog that had been about something I loved had turned into one about something I lived. The second incarnation of Fabricated Truth was all about myself.

I left Australia months. I came back to my native Germany six weeks ago – almost to the day. And on here, it has become quiet. Not a single word was written, let alone published. Well, this is about to change. (In roughly three minutes as I write this, once I click “Publish”.) It is time for Fabricated Truth 3.0, for the third attempt at this blog (not a blog, I’ve written others before and since). I’m not sure what it will be like. I’ll try to write about this and that. I’ll try to switch between languages every now and again. I might even add a third one, if things work out as planned. (Which they won’t, but still; it’s nice to dream.) I won’t make any promises I can’t keep, but I’ll try to write something at least twice a week. Not on a fixed schedule. Not to a deadline. Not with a word count to strive for. Just whenever and whatever springs to mind. There will probably be some stories of my trip(s) which have never made it on here. There will be the occassional movie review, if I feel the need to add something to the noise. And there will be a reprise of something that was a part of the first Fabricated Truth: fiction. I’ve written stories before, and some even on and for this blog. That’s something I want to do again. And hopefully, that will contribute to a new dawn for this little corner of the internet. It’s time someone switched the lights back on around here. And since I’m the only one with a key, it has to be me. I hope you are prepared for it.

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Let me tell you your story

Dienstag, Januar 22nd, 2008

Earlier today, I argued with a friend about inventing stories. I said that I believe that inventing a story is really easy, that anybody can come up with a dozen great stories a day and that the hard part was taking those stories and turning them into a great book or screenplay or whatever. My friend disagreed and just now I realized that he was right. Inventing stories isn’t easy – it’s just my immeasurable genius that makes me come up with story ideas that could change the world (if they were ever, you know, written or something). To prove that I am at least right about that, I have come up with the following, interactive (that means you get to participate!) challenge:

Post a comment to this entry in which you state the following: The language you want the story to be in (German or English, all other languages are absolutely forbidden!), the genre/kind of story you are looking for (Comedy, Drama, bittersweet romantic zombie movie, whatever you want) and three items that I’ll have to include in the story. Items can be people (a young woman of 54 with flaming red hair), places (the public restroom at the Walmart in Dakota Springs) or things (a rubber duck), whatever you want. Just please don’t make the item descriptions too long. I will then take those instructions and turn them into an abstract for a story about 200 to 1,000 words long. I’ll try to make it about 500 words long, but while I claim that I can turn anything into a great story I never claimed that I could do it within a restrictive word limit.

Now, you can come up with some completely crazy or can try something classic to see whether I manage to give the story a twist. Everybody can turn the instruction for an English crime story with the items “adulterous husband”, “fragile wife” and “bloody knife” into a story – but would my story-inventing genius create something truly unique? Or do you want to go the crazy route and try to see whether I fail to make the example instructions into a compelling movie script? It’s your choice.

There are some limits to this thing of course: If more than ten people post instructions in the comments, I’ll think of something to select the best. I’ll start as soon as I get the first comment and post all finished story ideas here, but don’t expect more than one a day. Not because it takes time to come up with ideas, but because it takes time to write them down. Apart from that, I’m looking forward to all submissions. Have fun!