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Ajami – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, März 17th, 2010


Ajami, at the southern end of Jaffa/Tel Aviv in Israel, is a district made up of poor Arabian families, both Christian and Muslim. The film follows several characters as they make their way there, in a world where crime often seems like the only option and everything can change at any minute. Central is the story of a family whose eldest son fears to be killed for what his uncle did after his neighbour is mistakenly assassinated. The story spreads from there and is sadly told in such a confusing fashion that the ultimately satisfying pay-off, when the different threads come together, is too late to save the film. Nevertheless, it is a ruthlessly realistic look at a world that is governed by principles, both religious and political, that are hard to comprehend to an outsider and have lost all reason for those living in it.

Random Observations:

Ajami at the IMDb

The film was nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film, but lost to the Argentinian entry El secreto de sus ojos. This was the third year in a row that an Israeli film was one of the five nominees.

Directed by two young directors, one a Jewish Israeli, the other an Arabic Christian. The film is largely in Arabic, although some passages also deal with Jews and thus are in Hebrew.