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Rain Man – Minute Movie Review

Freitag, Oktober 1st, 2010


Not exactly successful car dealer Tom Cruise isn’t very sad when his father dies. But when he hears that he left all his money to a formerly unknown brother, who is severely autistic, Cruise more or less kidnaps his brother to get at the money. But naturally, things don’t quite work out this way in this classic drama about brothers, life, autism and Dustin Hoffman’s acting abilities. Though not quite as brilliant as I remembered, the film still holds up reasonably well more than twenty years after its release.

Random Observations:

Rain Man at the IMDb

In the farm house scene, where they go to watch “People’s Court”, Beth Grant plays the mother. I honestly did not recognize her. How embarrassing.

Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for his performance, the starting point for the famous “full retard” speech from the solid comedy Tropic Thunder.

I was inspired to watch this film again by the casino/card-counting scene from The Hangover, that was a clear homage to this film.

It’s funny what you remember from films that you haven’t seen in many years. I completely forgot about Cruise’s girlfriend and I could have sworn that the last scene was different – but the scene in my mind was only alluded to throughout the film. “Dad let’s my drive slow in the driveway. I’m an excellent driver.”

Empire of the Sun – Minute Movie Review

Samstag, Mai 8th, 2010


After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Western settlement in Shanghai is also beset by the war. In the panic, young Christian Bale is separated from his parents and now has to survive on his own – first in the city, then in a prison camp, all the while waiting for the war to be over to be reunited with his family. Based on the book by J.G. Ballard which is somewhat autobiographical (Ballard was in a Japanese prison camp, but not separated from his parents) the film tries to tell the story of a child in wartime. But despite that it is a powerful story and Bale’s performance for one so young is quite good, the film does not work. The pacing is horrible, jumping between slow, drawn-out scenes and skipping three years at a time, the score is the usual bombastic John Williams’ work that goes well with Star Wars, but not with what would be a character drama, if only Steven Spielberg hadn’t been the director, with means it’s about as subtle as a blunt instrument, substituting cheap sentimentality for real emotions – or pretty much anything real.

Random Observations:

Empire of the Sun at the IMDb

This film concludes “Western Asian Week” at Fabricated Truth. Check out the last two reviews to read about more American and/or European films set in Asia.

How did they manage to age 13-year old Christian Bale by three years from one shot to the next? They gave him a new haircut. Hey, it worked for – actually, that never worked for anyone, especially not for one so young.

In a surprisingly gutsy move, the main character is actually an unlikeable, spoiled brat in the first part of the film. But instead of creating a feeling of realism, it just causes you not to give a damn about him.

Miranda Richardson’s role, despite being the second person credited, is little more than a cameo. Apparently, most of her scenes were cut.