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You found what you were looking for!

Mittwoch, Januar 14th, 2009

Over the last several months, it has happened occassionally that people used a search engine and were brought to my site. Most of these searches were pretty straightforward and I’m fairly certain that the people looking for “die welle review” or “christoph hartwig” found what they were looking for. There were some other quests, however, that were fatally unfulfilled. Since at Fabricated Truth we do everything for our readers, even one time readers who are unlikely to ever return, here are some of the search terms along with a guess what the person was looking for – so that the next time they will find an answer. (weiterlesen …)

Comic Book Movie July – Final Thoughts

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2008

Persepolis, 300, Sin City, V for Vendetta, A History of Violence, Constantine, Ghost World, From Hell – eight unique movies that have little in common except that they are based on comic books. For Comic Book Movie July, I assembled them and tried to investigate whether that actually meant anything – an endeavour that quickly failed. Instead I wrote about them in the most boring fashion possible. But now, for the final conclusion of glorious Comic Book Movie July, the first and probably last Theme Month at Fabricated Truth, I will reexamine the question.

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Comic Book Movie July – Persepolis

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2008

In Comic Book Movie July, Persepolis is a bit of an outsider. It’s not an American film. It’s not even in English. It’s not a live action film. And it actually takes history seriously and doesn’t abuse it for its own purposes – or at least not nearly as noticeable as is common. Persepolis is the story of a girl growing up in Iran during and after the Islamic Revolution. It’s the actual biography (with certain leeway, I’m sure) of comic creator and film co-director Marjane Satrapi. And it is certainly an interesting biography.

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Comic Book Movie July – An Introduction

Dienstag, Juli 1st, 2008

It’s July and July means summer all over the world. (I’m not counting the southern hemisphere here for obvious reasons.) And summer means blockbuster season in cinemas. Big, loud and often simple movies for big, loud and often simple audiences. Some may remember the time when a summer blockbuster was still an event, when movies like Return of the Jedi or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were still something to talk about for weeks to come and that literally everybody had to see during opening weekend. Then came the time when summer blockbusters became the playground for Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay and Co and plot was pretty much replaced by big explosions. And in recent years, the studios didn’t even bother to hire a writer to come up with an original concept any more. Instead, they just adapted successful comic book franchises. Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, Antman, Aquaman, X-Men, you get the idea. Superheroes doing what they do best – protecting the world from evil. This month will not deal with those movies.

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Mein Onkel Oscar würde sich im Grabe umdrehen

Dienstag, Januar 22nd, 2008

Heute morgen wurden in L.A. (um 5:30 Ortszeit, keine Ahnung warum) die Nominierungen für die Academy Awards (eher bekannt unter dem Namen Oscars) bekanntgegeben. Statt auf die Nominierungen einzugehen, die jeder hier (schön aufbereitet) oder hier (nur Text) nachlesen kann, möchte ich nur auf den großen Fehler der Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Science hinweisen:

Der Simpsons Film wurde vergessen! Ein Skandal sondergleichen! Als beste Animationsfilme stehen nur Persepolis (sicherlich völlig berechtigt), Ratatouille (darüber lässt sich streiten, i.e. alle sagen die Nominierung ist gerechtfertigt während ich das bestreite) und Könige der Wellen (…)  zur Wahl. Ich würde ja jetzt vorschlagen, die Oscar-Verleihung deswegen zu boykottieren, aber da der Autorenstreit immer noch kein absehbares Ende hat, wird das wohl sowieso nicht nötig sein…