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Adventskalender 9

Mittwoch, Dezember 9th, 2009

Klick auf den Link, um das neunte Türchen zu öffnen. Click the link to open the ninth door.

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Away We Go – Minute Movie Review

Donnerstag, November 19th, 2009


A couple awaiting their first child go on a road trip to find out where they want to live, but also whether they are “fuck-ups” and how they will fare as parents. Seeing different families, they slowly find themselves. The film is a complete departure from director Sam Mendes previous work, often outrageously funny in its portrayal of the characters, yet also deeply poignant about the fear of becoming parents, of growing up and finding ones place in the world. As exaggerated as much of the film is, it is also painfully true to life. No matter if you have children, want children or are children, you should not miss this film.

Random Observations:

Away We Go at the IMDb

Very nice performances all around, but especially by the often overlooked Paul Schneider freaking out about being a single father.

My very favourite scene is the stroller scene. If you have seen the film, you will know why.

The trampoline scene is also very nice, although the last remark was clearly taken from The Royal Tenenbaums.

In my opinion, these kinds of films – comedies that are nevertheless very real and manage to make a significant point – are the pinnacle of film-making. I really wish there were more of them.

Minute Movie Review – The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Dienstag, Mai 26th, 2009


There are very few films that are very good and yet could easily be much better. This film, with the whole plot in the much too long, but also extremely awesome title, is one of them. The film is incredibly beautiful with one of the best scores I can remember. The whole cast is superb, with Casey Affleck in the titular role of Robert Ford standing out. And the story of the disillusionment with a hero and how Ford was viewed after his actions is pretty good as well. But the voice-over narration here, always a sign of lazy story-telling, is incredibly stupid – I can see that he is drinking out of the water glass, I don’t need to be told as well – and the story focuses too much on Jesse James and too little on Robert Ford and especially the events after the assassination, that are the truly interesting, yet here are only shown as an epilogue of sorts. It’s still a good film, but it could easily have been a great one and I can’t help but think of it as a missed opportunity.

Random Observations:

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford at

Casey Affleck is the younger brother of Ben Affleck and unlike him a very good actor, who manages to surprise me every time I see him. I can especially recommend Gone Baby Gone, which Ben directed.

For the whole movie I wondered where I had seen Paul Schneider before. Turns out, he was the older brother in Lars and the Real Girl, another excellent film.

I will stop talking about other movies now.

The score is by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. I didn’t know that Nick Cave did movie scores, only knowing him as a rock musician. It is honestly awesome.

I have decided that the Western is a genre which I should like and become more acquainted with. So expect more reviews of Westerns, both classics and modern day ones, in the future.

The Ten Best Movies of 2008

Mittwoch, Januar 7th, 2009

Everybody loves Top Ten Lists, right? You can never get enough of them, correct? If you read one to the end, you want nothing more than start looking at the next one, or am I wrong? In any case, I like Top Ten (or basically any other number) Lists. I know they are silly and arbitrary and highly subjective, but they are still fun – even if one just reads them to poke fun at the author(s). So to start my own habitual list-making off, I hereby offer you the TEN BEST MOVIES OF 2008!

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Minute Movie Review – Lars and the Real Girl

Donnerstag, März 20th, 2008


Lars is a quiet shy man that prefers to be alone. Living in his brother’s garage, only his sister-in-law seems concerned about him. That is, until he orders a sex doll over the internet and treats her as his girlfriend. Believing he is crazy, he is taken to a doctor – who urges his family to help him by playing along. And before long, the whole town does. What sounds like a ridiculous premise used for a low-brow comedy of the worst kind is actually a moving (and also often extremely funny, but never silly) tale about life. Lead actor Ryan Gosling once more proves his talent for picking unusual roles and transforming them into memorable performances while a supporting cast including Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson make the viewer feel as if Bianca (the doll) were real. Go watch this movie and laugh some, cry some and maybe learn something about loneliness.

Random Observations:

Lars and the Real Girl at

The movie can also be seen as a promotion of North American small-town life. That’s where people still care!

This is the directorial debut Craig Gillespie and the first movie screenplay for screenwriter Nancy Oliver. I guess we should watch out for those people in the future.