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Oscar Predictions and Preferences – 2010 Edition

Samstag, März 6th, 2010

Award Season is Crazy Season. If you follow these things at all, you have been bombarded by information about the superiority of one film above another for months now. If you blissfully ignore all that stuff, you might even not have heard that a producer on The Hurt Locker is in trouble for trying to convince Academy voters to vote for his film instead of Avatar. His crime: sending an e-mail to his friends. Yes, things are crazy. So it is a good thing that with the Oscar telecast on Sunday, Award Season will be over. Until May or so, when the first discussions for next year’s favourites and winners will begin once more.

But before the Oscars, the most important of all the meaningless awards, are handed out on Sunday, it is time for my annual Oscar predictions. Last year, I picked 19 of the 24 winners. This year, let’s try to improve on that. But unlike last year, this year I actually feel like I am entitled to my own opinion, having seen 20 of the 58 animated films, 18 of the 38 feature films, and actually having seen all nominated films in three categories. So not only will I now predict the Oscar winners as promised, I will also tell you who should win. (Yes, my opinion constitutes objective truth in these matters.) The following list is ordered rather randomly and incomplete, an alphabetical and complete breakdown of all categories and predictions follows at the end.

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Adventskalender 2

Mittwoch, Dezember 2nd, 2009

Click the link to open the second door. Klick auf den Link, um das zweite Türchen zu öffnen.

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An Education – Minute Movie Review

Montag, November 30th, 2009


In the early sixties, sixteen-year-old Jenny dreams of going to Oxford, a dream fuelled by her father and good grades. But when she meets older man David, who takes her to fancy restaurants, concerts and even auctions, she gets an entirely different sort of education. Based on the memoirs of Lynn Barber, the film approaches greatness through acting. Not just (relative) newcomer Carey Mulligan in the lead role, but the supporting players as well are incredible. The film is often very quite humorous and a good coming-of-age tale.

Random Observations:

An Education at the IMDb

Best actor of the bunch is Alfred Molina, whose performance as the both overprotective and driven, yet also at times indifferent and cruel, father is sublime.

The script was written by acclaimed British novelist Nick Hornby.

I saw this film as part of the Oslo Film Festival, so here’s a shout-out to the awesome Norwegians (and my sister, who invited me to Oslo and was kind enough to tolerate my film enthusiasm)!

Minute Movie Review – About a Boy

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2008


Will is an island. He lives of his father’s wealth, alone in a stylish flat in London, enjoying the advantages of being single and never even thinking of settling down or even having a family. All is well until he meets Marcus, the son of a mentally unstable single mother, who decides that Will is just the right person to help him. Based on a Nick Hornby novel, About a Boy is horribly clichéd, fluctuating between being overtly sentimental and just silly. The plot is unnecessarily convoluted and the film just not very enjoyable.

Random Observations:

About a Boy at

Hugh Grant plays himself once more in the leading role.

Nobody in this film has a last name. Am I the only one who is bothered by something like that?

The kid, Marcus, played by Nicholas Hoult, is extremely annoying. I know he is supposed to be annoying, but why isn’t he made the least bit likeable?