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The Hangover – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, September 29th, 2010


Having your bachelor party two days before the wedding in Las Vegas is a bad idea – especially when the groom-to-be is missing. So the three friends try to figure out just what the hell happened in their night of debauchery and hilarity ensues. No, seriously, it actually ensues. Despite nothing in the film actually being particularly funny, the film as a whole is quite hilarious – no idea how they pulled that off. Probably by being better craftspeople than I am.

Random Observations:

The Hangover at the IMDb

Zach Galifianakis, of the unpronounceable name, is probably the funniest ingredient in this very entertaining film. He plays the not-all-there brother-in-law of groom-to-be Justin Bartha.

I wonder: is Bradley Cooper in any way related to Chris Cooper? Probably not, but the new IMDb design doesn’t allow me to painlessly look it up. And it would be very funny if it were the case. So I am just going to pretend that he is Chris’ son.

The comedy here is painted in such broad strokes, that it is sure to appeal to almost everyone.

Rocky Balboa – Minute Movie Review

Donnerstag, Februar 25th, 2010


Sixteen years after his last outing, Rocky returns once more to wrap up the “saga”. This time around, it’s all about the three-quarter-life crisis and the need of every famous athlete for a comeback, one more chance to prove himself. So even though he’s pushing sixty, Rocky trains harder than ever for a match-up against the reigning heavy-weight champion. Along the way he reconnects with his somewhat estranged son and mourns the loss of his wife, while being an all-around nice guy. Wishful thinking probably describes this film best. It’s solidly made, with a plot that, while unrealistic, at least foregoes the silliness of the previous instalments in the franchise. This is the second best Rocky film after the original, but still not a very good movie.

Random Observations:

Rocky Balboa at the IMDb

The film tries so hard to show what a great guy Rocky is that it becomes almost painful.

Sixth and final Rocky film made. I am glad that I have now seen them all and can turn once more to quality entertainment instead. I hear the new Adam Sandler film is awesome!