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Being John Malkovich – Minute Movie Review

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010


Out-of-work puppeteer John Cusack is forced by wife Cameron Diaz to get a regular job, so he starts working in filing on floor 7½, where he discovers a portal that leads right into the head of John Malkovich. Together with love interest Catherine Keener he decides to exploit it for financial gain, but before long things get really strange. Perennial mind-fuck favourites Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman first teamed up for this film, creating a very amusing comedy about human identity that’s not nearly as profound as it thinks it is.

Random Observations:

Being John Malkovich at the IMDb

Best thing about the film? Catherine Keener, who is pretty much great in everything she does, but very rarely recognized for it. In this case, though, she at least got an Oscar nod out of it.

John Cusack with long hair, scruffy beard and glasses is barely recognisable.

The whole film suffered a lot towards the end, when it had to somehow resolve all plot lines while attempting to tell a coherent and sensible story.