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Oscar Predictions and Preferences – 2010 Edition

Samstag, März 6th, 2010

Award Season is Crazy Season. If you follow these things at all, you have been bombarded by information about the superiority of one film above another for months now. If you blissfully ignore all that stuff, you might even not have heard that a producer on The Hurt Locker is in trouble for trying to convince Academy voters to vote for his film instead of Avatar. His crime: sending an e-mail to his friends. Yes, things are crazy. So it is a good thing that with the Oscar telecast on Sunday, Award Season will be over. Until May or so, when the first discussions for next year’s favourites and winners will begin once more.

But before the Oscars, the most important of all the meaningless awards, are handed out on Sunday, it is time for my annual Oscar predictions. Last year, I picked 19 of the 24 winners. This year, let’s try to improve on that. But unlike last year, this year I actually feel like I am entitled to my own opinion, having seen 20 of the 58 animated films, 18 of the 38 feature films, and actually having seen all nominated films in three categories. So not only will I now predict the Oscar winners as promised, I will also tell you who should win. (Yes, my opinion constitutes objective truth in these matters.) The following list is ordered rather randomly and incomplete, an alphabetical and complete breakdown of all categories and predictions follows at the end.

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Nine – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, März 3rd, 2010


In 1960s Italy, a master director tries to recover from two flops, but while everyone is set for his new film, he hasn’t yet written a single word for the script. He examines his decay while being influenced by the seven women who have shaped his life. The best that can be said about the film, based on the Broadway musical, which in turn is based on an Italian musical, which in turn is based on Federico Fellini’s Film , is that it is not as terrible as most reviews make it out to be. It’s a decent enough musical that suffers from an absence of plot and an array of characters that remain bland, which is especially surprising when one considers the acting talent involved.

Random Observations:

Nine at the IMDb

Nominated for three Oscars, for Costumes, Art Direction and Penelope Cruz as Best Supporting Actress, which is surprising, considering that the only actress with even a half-way decent performance is Marion Cotillard.

I really, really hate it when people playing foreigners in a film fake their accents. It’s one thing for the Italian to have Italian accents when they speak English, but since all of the dialogue in the film is really in Italian and just translated to English so the viewers can understand it, there is no reason for the fake accents. But that’s not even the worst here. Most accents disappear and reappear throughout the film, most notably Daniel Day-Lewis’, where it is so distracting that his performance apart from this is barely noticeable.

Also annoying: inserting random Italian words into the English dialogue to “add flavour”. Grazie and Prego do not make the film more Italian than Thank You or Please.

Fittingly, the musical number with the title “Nine” that could have actually shed some light on why the film is called that, was cut from the movie version.

Public Enemies – Minute Movie Review

Dienstag, August 18th, 2009


Based on the life of notorious 30s criminal John Dillinger (and taking extreme liberties with the real story), the film is supposed to show the hunt for Dillinger by the newly established FBI. But what could be a promising thriller, especially considering director Michael Mann’s previous work, is a confusing film that is more annoying than anything. The cinematography is appalling, with barely a shot held long enough to see the expression on an actor’s face, except for a slew of close-ups that come at inappropriate moments and show expressionless faces. The acting is often atrocious, especially considering the top talent that is on display. But at least the movie succeeds as a comedy showing police ineptitude, because these FBI agents don’t even notice when Dillinger walks into their office or is standing ten feet away from them.

Random Observations:

Public Enemies at the IMDb

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in the two lead roles are both far from their usual greatness, but their acting is great compared to Marion Cotillard’s. I know she won a Best Actress Oscar, but I have seen more convincing line readings in high school plays.

I was going to suggest that cinematographer Dante Spinotti should never be allowed to work again, considering how horrible this movie was filmed. But then I took a look at his résumé and now I hope it was just a fluke.

I am fairly certain that at least one of Dillinger’s henchman was in a scene after he was shot and killed, but since you never really get a good look at them, I might have seen that wrongly.

The film touches on some interesting issues with the mafia/mob/syndicate connections, but none of those are really allowed to have any impact on the storyline, so they might as well have been dropped.

I was really excited to see this film and am now utterly and completely disappointed. I have seen worse movies, but never when my expectations were that high.

Golden Globes vergeben

Dienstag, Januar 15th, 2008

Am gestrigen Sonntag wurden in Los Angeles die Golden Globes verliehen. Dieser von der HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) vergebene Preis gilt schon seit einiger Zeit als nahezu bedeutungslos (die HFPA hat gerade mal 100 Mitglieder, ist also keine wirkliche Vertretung der ausländischen Journalisten in Hollywood) und die Zeiten als die Globes als optimale Indikatoren für die Oscars galten sind wohl auch vorbei. Aber dank dem Autorenstreik wurde alles noch ein bisschen unwichtiger: Statt der üblichen dreistündigen Show gab es nur eine halbstündige Pressekonferenz – ohne Stars, ohne Glanz, ohne Glamour.

Das Ergebnis war dann auch nicht sonderlich glamourös – kein Film konnte mehr als zwei Auszeichnungen davon tragen. Gewinner der Auszeichnungen als beste Filme waren “Abbitte” bei Dramen und “Sweeney Todd – Der teuflische Barbier aus der Fleet Street” bei Komödien und Musicals. Dieser gewann auch den Award für den längsten Filmtitel sowie Johnny Depp die Auszeichnung als bester Schauspieler, während bei den Dramen hier Daniel Day-Lewis für “There Will Be Blood” (deutscher Titel noch nicht bekannt?) geehrt wurde. Bei den Damen wurden Julie Christie (“An Ihrer Seite“) sowie Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en rose“) ausgezeichnet. Als bester Animationsfilm wurde unverständlicherweise “Ratatouille” (dafür gibt es noch nicht mal einen Link…) ausgezeichnet, wo doch jeder weiß, dass der Simpsons Film um Längen besser war. Eine vollständige Liste der Gewinner kann beispielsweise hier (auf Englisch) oder hier (auf Deutsch) eingesehen werden.

Neben Auszeichnungen für Filme gibt es auch noch Golden Globes für Fernsehsendungen und -schauspieler, aber wer da gewonnen hat interessiert ja nun wirklich niemanden.