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Invictus – Minute Movie Review

Dienstag, Februar 23rd, 2010


In Post-Apartheid South Africa, Nelson Mandela is elected president. He struggles with the reconciliation between black and white people that he knows is necessary for his country to have a future, so he decides to task the national rugby team – a sport just for the white people – to win the world cup and bring the nation together. The story, based on true events, is predictable enough, but it is well staged and powerful enough to be moving on its own. The political messages mixed in with the average sports underdog drama make the film a bit unusual, which works to its advantage. It’s not a great film by a long shot, but it’s good enough.

Random Observations:

Invictus at the IMDb

Morgan Freeman in the lead role is very good and very convincing. He certainly deserves the Oscar nomination he got.

Matt Damon as the captain of the rugby team, on the other hand, is rather bland. My guess is he got nominated for the Dutch accent he sports.

The nicest staged interactions between the (formerly) warring factions are those between the black and white bodyguards of the President.

I don’t know much about rugby, but it’s certainly a more interesting (and intense) sport than its American cousin, which they call football despite having the ball in their hands all the time.

I’m always fascinated by the power of mass sports events to bring people together and bridge their differences. Smart move by Mandela to use that for his political goals.