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I Don’t Discuss My Process – The Making of the Second Bilingual Christmas Movie Adventskalender

Mittwoch, Dezember 30th, 2009

Judging by the astronomical visitor figures of the last four weeks and the unprecedented poll participation, many people have enjoyed reading the Second Bilingual Christmas Movie Adventskalender (Trademark pending). And if DVD extras are any indication, what people like even more than being entertained, is a view behind the scenes, at how the film (or the Adventskalender) was made. So here are ten things you might not have known about the Second Bilingual Christmas Movie Adventskalender – my personal trade secrets, so to speak. And they are certainly good advice for anyone undertaking such a great venture. (weiterlesen …)

Adventskalender 14

Montag, Dezember 14th, 2009

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Adventskalender 13

Sonntag, Dezember 13th, 2009

Klick auf den Link, um das dreizehnte Türchen zu öffnen. Click the link to open the thirteenth door.

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Minute Movie Review

Samstag, Oktober 24th, 2009


Petty criminal Harry is promised to be the next big star in Hollywood, but for that to become true, he has to take detective lessons with Gay Perry. But what starts out innocently enough soon turns into a major murder mystery, when they pull a dead girl from the trunk of a sinking car. But before Perry has a chance to put it right, Harry gets them further involved to impress his high school crush Harmony. Written and directed by Shane Black, best known for creating the Lethal Weapon franchise, the film is a crime comedy that is often bracingly funny, has a very complicated plot that could be right out of a hard-boiled detective story (yet is well aware of that), and is carried by a wonderful Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role.

Random Observations:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at the IMDb

This is a typical example of a film I want to love, but can’t. There are so many great ideas here, there is so much I enjoy, and yet ultimately the experience is spoiled by some minor things, most of which I can’t even name yet alone explain. This is also why I watched the film again – hoping to like it more the second time around. I didn’t.

The film is “based in part” on a novel called “Bodies Are Where You Find Them”. I can’t help but wonder which part.

Minute Movie Review – Lethal Weapon 4

Donnerstag, Februar 26th, 2009


Once more, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover joke around and kill bad guys. The film offers more of the same, which is often okay, but also new stuff by creating new characters and bringing back supporting players from earlier instalments like Rene Russo and Joe Pesci. This time around, they get involved in illegal smuggling of Chinese to America, counterfeiting Chinese money and freeing the leader of the Chinese mafia. But while the others movies in the series were mostly entertaining and only a little stupid, this one is incredibly stupid and very seldom entertaining.

Random Observations:

Lethal Weapon 4 at

Joe Pesci  is even more annoying than in the third film.

Whoever thought that adding Chris Rock to the cast would make the movie funnier was sorely mistaken.

There is talk of a fifth film in the near future. The only positive thing about it is that Shane Black, the writer of the first two films, is writing it.

This concludes the inofficial Mel Gibson week (actually lasting 11 days). The big question now is, what actor I should focus on next:

Whose body of work should I review en masse next?

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Minute Movie Review – Lethal Weapon 3

Mittwoch, Februar 25th, 2009


Once more Mel Gibson and Danny Glover team up to bring some laughs and a lot of action to movie watchers. They are joined once more by Joe Pesci, but while he was great in the second Lethal Weapon, he is just annoying in this one and the addition of Rene Russo to the cast also does the movie no good. It’s still occassionally funny (mostly when Gibson and Glover are alone) and a well-made action film, but certainly the start of a drop in quality for the series.

Random Observations:

Lethal Weapon 3 at

Isn’t it amazing how I manage not to say a single word about the plot in this review? Of course, you don’t watch a movie like this for the clever plot, but I still could have mentioned that the film tries to do some drama as well, which horribly fails.

The writing credits: “Jeffrey Boam and Jeffrey Boam & Robert Mark Kamen”. The reason for that lies in the WGA rules for writing credits. That is because writers working on different drafts are seperated by “and”, while members of the same writing team are seperated by “&”. So in this case, one draft was written by Jeffrey Boam alone, the other by Jeffrey Boam and Robert Mark Kamen together. See how educational I can be?

Lethal Weapon 4 will follow soon. And then I’m done with mindless Mel Gibson action movies. At least until Braveheart.

Minute Movie Review – Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Dienstag, Februar 24th, 2009


Set, apparently, 15 years after the events of Mad Max 2, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is both exactly the same and completely different. The reason for the apocalypse are changed once more – to a nuclear war (Or single bomb? Who knows?) this time, but the story is similar to the previous installment and the stunts and action sequences aren’t really enough to carry yet another movie – even if they add all the “Lord of the Flies” they can find.

Random Observations:

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome at

Bruce Spence plays an airplane pilot in this film. In Mad Max 2, he played a gyrocopter pilot. Whose stupid idea was it to cast the same actor for two different, yet similar roles in the same francise?

Tina Turner plays one of the antagonists in this film. Let’s just say that there are good reasons why she stuck to singing.

Mel Gibson week (or whatever the time period has become) will continue soon with Lethal Weapon 3 and 4. After that, no more Mel Gibson. Ever.

Minute Movie Review – Lethal Weapon 2

Freitag, Februar 20th, 2009


Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are back as two L.A. cops way in over their head. They find out about a drug-smuggling operation run by South African diplomats and since they can’t do anything about it legally, they do what they can illegally. The film is very bloody, yet also often funny, solid entertainment from the 80s that tries a little too hard to be relevant politically by making apartheid part of the plot.

Random Observations:

Lethal Weapon 2 at

Joe Pesci is a great addition to the film. He really makes the comedic aspects stand out.

The soundtrack features a lot of “ringtone” or “Windows sound” like sounds. Very annyoing.

I actually enjoyed this one more than the first, no matter how completely unrealistic it gets in the second half.

Mel Gibson’s character, Martin Riggs, was originally supposed to die at the end. After the studio decided they wanted to make more “Lethal Weapon” films and changed it, series creator and screenwriter Shane Black walked off the set.

Minute Movie Review – Lethal Weapon

Dienstag, Februar 17th, 2009


A clean-cut older cop is partnered with a suicidal younger one and together they set out to uncover and stop a large drug trafficing organization. They do so not through good detective work but mostly through killing people and refusing to be killed by them. A decent action thriller, “Lethal Weapon” is entertaining, if one is willing to suspend all disbelief and overlook that it is pretty much mediocre in every way, from acting to cinematography. Nothing spectacular, just solid entertainment.

Random Observations:

Lethal Weapon at

First of four Lethal Weapon movies. I will watch and review the other three in the near future.

Considering that I really don’t like Mel Gibson, I sure watch a bunch of movies he’s in right now.