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The Aviator – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, Juni 23rd, 2010


In 1927, after his parents’ death, a young Howard Hughes (greatest actor of his generation Leonard DiCaprio) came to Hollywood and used his inherited business to make the most expensive film at the time, while also developing an interest in aviation. Over the next two decades, he rose to prominence in both fields before a fall from grace (and a plane crash) caused his neurosis to overcome his eager drive and he developed the most famous case of OCD in history. The biopic by Martin Scorsese is well-made and solidly acted, with some inspired ideas (I especially like the use of colour reflecting the film stock of the time), but it plays havoc with the true chronology of events and omits the last three decades of Hughes’ life completely. Sure, they were decidedly less interesting, but taking the most interesting items from them and inserting them randomly into earlier events does not serve the story.

Random Observations:

The Aviator at the IMDb

I really liked the scenes at the Coconut Grove, which made “old” Hollywood truly come alive.

It’s very odd to see modern day actors and actresses portray the greats of that time. Cate Blanchett does a surprisingly convincing Katharine Hepburn, but Kate Beckinsale’s Ava Gardner and especially Jude Law’s Errol Flynn are a disappointment.

For a man who loved aviation, aka flying, more than anything, the film spends relatively little time exploring that theme.

Also, the importance of Noah Dietrich (John C. Reilly) to the success of Hughes’ companies is vastly underplayed in the film.

Silk – Minute Movie Review

Freitag, April 2nd, 2010


In 1862, a young French man returns to his village, falls in love and gets a job as a trader, buying silk worm eggs, that help to sustain the village’s economy. He travels repeatedly to Japan and is torn between the love for his wife and a Japanese woman. The story does sound kind of promising, but it does not deliver on that promise at all. The best parts are the few travelling scenes, with truly beautiful pictures, but otherwise the film is boring, pointless and plodding. The revelation at the end is not bad, but since the film never developed any of the characters, ultimately pointless as well.

Random Observations:

Silk at the IMDb

I wanted to see the film because I wondered what Michael Pitt would do with a straight-up leading men role. Let’s just say he should better stick to genre fare and bit parts.

The story takes place (mostly) in France and Japan. The film is based on the novel by an Italian author (Alessandro Baricco). The non-Japanese lead actors are British and American. Since the director is Canadian, this makes the film a Canadian-French-Italian-British-Japanese Production. How’s that for international movie making?