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The Hangover – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, September 29th, 2010


Having your bachelor party two days before the wedding in Las Vegas is a bad idea – especially when the groom-to-be is missing. So the three friends try to figure out just what the hell happened in their night of debauchery and hilarity ensues. No, seriously, it actually ensues. Despite nothing in the film actually being particularly funny, the film as a whole is quite hilarious – no idea how they pulled that off. Probably by being better craftspeople than I am.

Random Observations:

The Hangover at the IMDb

Zach Galifianakis, of the unpronounceable name, is probably the funniest ingredient in this very entertaining film. He plays the not-all-there brother-in-law of groom-to-be Justin Bartha.

I wonder: is Bradley Cooper in any way related to Chris Cooper? Probably not, but the new IMDb design doesn’t allow me to painlessly look it up. And it would be very funny if it were the case. So I am just going to pretend that he is Chris’ son.

The comedy here is painted in such broad strokes, that it is sure to appeal to almost everyone.

Knocked Up – Minute Movie Review

Dienstag, August 11th, 2009


One fateful night, career girl Allison and slacker Ben meet in a club, have sex and lo and behold, she ends up pregnant. This film tells the story of that fateful night and what follows when she decides to keep the baby. What sounds like a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy is actually a Judd Apatow written, directed and produced film that focuses less on the romantic parts and more on the comedy. And there certainly is a lot of comedy to go around with this film, with some hilarious scenes, but ultimately the film falls a little flat and never really lives up to its promise. It’s funny enough, but not the instant classic as which it was heralded.

Random Observations:

Knocked Up at the IMDb

Straight comedies (as opposed to black comedies, absurd comedies or even romantic comedies) should not run significantly longer than 90 minutes. If they break the two hour mark, as this one does (and most films Apatow is involved with do), they reach a point where the laughter has all died down and the whole thing just becomes tedious.

A lot of Apatow regulars are in this film, not just lead Seth Rogen and wife Leslie Mann, but also his two daughters and most of the current incarnation of the “Brat Pack”, such as Jason Segel, Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill.

The greater than awesome Alan Tudyk has a role in this film which should really have been expanded on heavily.

Nice to see that Ryan Seacrest comments on the emptiness of current celebrity culture, considering that his only real claim to fame is that he was just at the right place at the right time. Or is there actually anything he is good at?

Star Katherine Heigl later called the film “sexist”. While there is certainly some truth to that (even though I doubt that it was intentional), I don’t think it was her smartest move.