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Sixteen Candles – Minute Movie Review

Montag, Oktober 4th, 2010


A day before her sister’s wedding, Molly Ringwald’s entire family forgets her sixteenth birthday. And that is not the only trouble she has: the boy she likes doesn’t even know her and she has to fend of the advances of perennial geek Anthony Michael Hall. In short, not one of her better days, but things are definitely looking up in this classic teen comedy from classic teen comedy writer-director John Hughes, his début feature. He hasn’t quite gotten the grip on teen angst he later demonstrated with The Breakfast Club and the film is not nearly as outrageously funny as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but it’s a solid first effort that is definitely worth seeing if you’ve ever been a teenager and especially if you were a teenager in suburban America in the 1980s.

Random Observations:

Sixteen Candles at the IMDb

Both Hughes regulars were only fifteen when the film was made, actually fitting the age of their characters.

John Cusack has a small role in this film as another geek – not quite the role he’ll be remembered for.

His sister Joan Cusack is also in this film. And a Beth Ringwald – Molly’s older sister. John Hughes definitely made family films…

Dear God, was Long Duk Dong ever offensive. I always thought political correctness had arisen in the early 80s.

Kramer vs. Kramer – Minute Movie Review

Freitag, Mai 28th, 2010


One day, Meryl Streep just abandons husband Dustin Hoffman and their little son. For fifteen months, Hoffman struggles with being a single father, doing his very best. Then, Streep returns and wants custody of her child back, an issue both will fight in court (Hence the title!). The 1979 film is a compelling drama about divorce and the effect it has on people, but it’s also the story of a workaholic father learning to take care of his child. Great performances all around – especially from the father and son duo – make this a moving story that seems to be taken right out of real life.

Random Observations:

Kramer vs. Kramer at the IMDb

One of the reason for the realism of the film is that many people involved, including Hoffman, had lately dealt with divorce themselves, and thus had plenty of experience to draw from.

The film won the “Big Five” Oscars – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Justin Henry was also nominated as a supporting actor for his incredible turn as the son.

I can not stress enough how incredibly touching the scenes between Hoffman and Henry are. Great acting, great writing, great everything.

Despite the very dramatic nature of the story, the film has some lighter elements, mostly due to Hoffman’s struggles with being a “mommy”.

See, I promised this would be Dustin Hoffman Week!