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In the Valley of Elah – Minute Movie Review

Dienstag, März 23rd, 2010


A soldier returns from Iraq only to immediately go missing. His father, a former soldier himself, starts to investigate. Before long, the body of his son is found, horribly mutilated. The remaining question is, who is responsible. As he encounters opposition from the military police and little help from the local police, he sets out to uncover his son’s fate. The film is a combination of a fairly straight-forward whodunnit and an examination of the effect war has on soldiers. There is little subtlety to the message and the last scenes are especially superfluous, but that does not detract much from the simple truth and honesty of the well-made film.

Random Observations:

In the Valley of Elah at the IMDb

The film is based on a true story, albeit one that is never referenced or mentioned directly.

The title refers to the valley where the mythical fight between David and Goliath took place.

The story was written by Mark Boal, who also wrote the Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker. Similarities between the two films can not be denied.

Directed by Paul Haggis, whose previous film Crash also won a Best Picture Oscar. It was similarly obvious, but nevertheless true.

Minute Movie Review – Milk

Sonntag, Februar 22nd, 2009


Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man elected to a public office in the United States – as a supervisor in San Francisco. He was assassinated while in office, along with the mayor of San Francisco, by another supervisor. The film tells the story of the last eight years of his life, from leaving New York to get a fresh start until his death (and the reaction it provoked). The film is very well made and the message is as simple as it is resonant (and repeated over and over again): There is nothing wrong with being gay. Harvey Milk did a lot to convince the public of that, this biopic will certainly do some more today.

Random Observations:

Milk at

Josh Brolin received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor for this film – James Franco is the one, who actually deserved it.

The actors look eerily similar to the real people they portray – it’s amazing what a new hairdo and some prosthetics can do.

Many of the people close to Harvey Milk were involved in the making of the film. Some of them even took on small roles.

The second of three Best Picture nominees for the Oscars I have seen and my favourite to win so far.

The Ten Best Movies of 2008

Mittwoch, Januar 7th, 2009

Everybody loves Top Ten Lists, right? You can never get enough of them, correct? If you read one to the end, you want nothing more than start looking at the next one, or am I wrong? In any case, I like Top Ten (or basically any other number) Lists. I know they are silly and arbitrary and highly subjective, but they are still fun – even if one just reads them to poke fun at the author(s). So to start my own habitual list-making off, I hereby offer you the TEN BEST MOVIES OF 2008!

(weiterlesen …)

Minute Movie Review – The Goonies

Samstag, Juni 14th, 2008


The Goonies are friends – and this might be the last day they spend together, before their neighbourhood has to make way for a golf course. But when they discover a map to a pirate treasure, they attempt everything to get the rich stuff and keep their parents from being evicted. The 1985 children’s classic was clearly inspired by the success of the Indiana Jones franchise, but doesn’t suffer because of it. It’s funny, it’s exciting and every bit the movie children and adults refusing to grow up will love. A great example of the time, when there were non-animated children movies.

Random Observations:

The Goonies at

The child actors of this movie include Sean Astin and Josh Brolin, who both went on to star in Oscar winning films.

There is only one proper way to describe this movie: Fun fun fun!

Watching this film and other movies made in the 1980s, I must say that I really hope that the style won’t get a revival.

Minute Movie Review – No Country for Old Men

Donnerstag, Februar 21st, 2008


Like “There Will Be Blood“, “No Country for Old Men” has been a critical and award favourite – maybe even more so. Unlike “There Will Be Blood”, it actually lives up to the hype. The story of a man who finds two million dollar on a murder scene and subsequently is hunted by several people who don’t think it belongs to him is uncompromisingly realistic. Brilliantly shot, with great acting (especially by “Best Supporting Actor” Oscar nominee Javier Bardem) and a hauntingly sparse score (what a relief!), the movie deviates so far from the typical Hollywood conventions that more than once I felt myself wondering what would be next. In the end, this movie is a true masterpiece, with few discernible flaws and much to teach today’s filmmakers – especially Paul Thomas Anderson.

Random Observations:

No Country for Old Men at

Lucky me got to see this movie in a sneak preview today. Which means that I got to see it before it’s actual German release. Which means that I got to see it before the Oscar ceremony on Sunday. Which means that I am no longer ruling for Atonement to win.

Did I mention that the movie is a true masterpiece?

I had last seen Josh Brolin in “Into the Blue”. Amazing that somebody who was in such a crappy movie actually managed to star in this one. Of course, he needed to convince Robert Rodriguez to shoot an audition tape for him which Quentin Tarantino directed to convince the Coen brothers that he could indeed do it.

The movie actually got a fair number of laughs when I saw it. While not conventionally funny, there are some scenes that are so bitterly realistic yet absurd, that one can do little but laugh.