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5 Books I Love to Read over and over again

Montag, Mai 18th, 2009

It may not always be obvious, but long before I became a film fanatic, I was an avid reader. From my childhood days onwards, there was hardly a day which I didn’t spend with my nose in a book. For a long time, I read almost everything I could find – luckily, my parents had a knack for picking out great books, so that probably helped further my love for the written word. My formative years were spent in the company of Astrid Lindgren, Michael Ende and Erich Kästner and to these day I am convinced that they are the three greatest authors of children’s literature ever.

None of them are represented on this list, however, for as much as I love their books, I also feel I have outgrown them slightly. Occasionally, I pick one of them up and remember the good old days when reading was the greatest thing imaginable. Nowadays, I read much less and very erratically. There are periods – months sometimes, in which I do not turn a single page. And then there are times where I read five books a week and seem to be doing little else.

The five books (or “written works”, rather) I am going to talk about in this article are ones I treasure above all others. Not because I believe they are the best ever written or even my favourite ones, but because they are a sort of comfort food for the mind for me. Whenever I’m feeling down, I love to pick them back up and read them again. They, quite simply, cheer me up. So don’t expect great Russian literature of the 18th century after the jump, but a declaration of love for books many people would consider – maybe even rightfully so – trite.

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Minute Movie Review – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Donnerstag, November 15th, 2007


After the disaster that was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” my expectations for “Order of the Phoenix” weren’t high. But even though the longest book was turned into the shortest (just over two hours) movie so far, the change in screenwriter and director made the fifth installment in the Harry Potter franchise very enjoyable. Of course many things were cut or changed from the novel, but the overall message of the book was conveyed. Harry Potter faces his worst enemy yet – not a resurrected Lord Voldemort or the people in charge who deny it, but adolescence, love and romance. With Order of the Phoenix the war in the wizard world begins and Harry is just about ready.

Random Observations:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at

I’ve seen this movie on opening night, so the details in the review are sketchy. It was written more in anticipation of the DVD release, which is tomorrow in Germany, December 11th in the US and already in the past in the UK.

Amazon is selling the German DVD for €9,95, a ridiculously low price for a new blockbuster release. Is this a fluke or an actual trend for DVDs to be cheaper?