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Minute Movie Review – Hot Fuzz

Montag, Januar 28th, 2008


Hot Fuzz is basically a genre parody – of action movies, police movies and anything similar. It tells the story of London’s best policeman officer – Nicholas Angel. He is so good, that he gets transferred to the small town of Sandford. There, the most exciting assignment seems to be an escaped swan – until a series of suspicious accidents causes Angel to think like a police officer again. Hot Fuzz was one of the most heralded comedies of 2007 and rightfully so. Even though the plot is (intentionally) a little too outrageous, the film is truly funny, with great lines (that cornerstone of every good comedy) and good acting.

Random Observations:

Hot Fuzz at

The writers of Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg (who also plays the lead character) and Edgar Wright (who also directs) teamed up before for the horror parody “Shaun of the Dead“. I haven’t seen it, but apparently it is very entertaining as well.

Former Bond Timothy Dalton plays one of the antagonists in this movie. He really has aged a lot, but is still a decent actor. (I know all you Moore and Connery fanatics won’t agree.)

Listen closely when Danny asks Nicholas about things he has done before…