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Across the Universe – Minute Movie Review

Freitag, Mai 14th, 2010


Before watching this film, I simply called it The Beatles Musical. Which it existentially is, even though it has nothing to do with the Fab Four. Set in the 60s, it is a dramatic love story of  Liverpudlian working stiff Jude, trying to make it as an artist in New York, and upper-class American girl Lucy. The background is the Vietnam war, the anti-war protest movement and so on, all set to some classic Beatles songs, that mostly actually advance the story. It’s an interesting experiment that creates a unique film, despite not always working. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing re-imagination of the Beatles oeuvre and an entertaining, if not completely coherent film.

Random Observations:

Across the Universe at the IMDb

The fantastical/psychedelic sequences of the film seemed to be inspired by the work of Terry Gilliam. Which is, naturally, a good thing.

The producers paid $10,000,000 for the rights to use the Beatles’ songs, but were prohibited from mentioning the name of the band anywhere, including the posters for the film. They just barely managed to include the names of the songwriters (Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr…) in the end credits.

The film is very colourful.

Some of the musical numbers are exquisitely choreographed. Especially when connecting character Max – friend of Jude, brother of Judy – is being drafted.

Was Judy’s early boyfriend killed in Vietnam or in riots in Detroit? I thought Detroit, but apparently the consensus is that he was killed in Vietnam, despite not yet having shipped out there.

Minute Movie Review – The Wrestler

Dienstag, März 10th, 2009


Randy “The Ram” Robinson knows how to do just one thing: wrestle. But his glorydays are long over and he is barely scraping by, ruining his health and his chance at another life. “The Wrestler” examines the life of a man that has lost his place in the world and is desperately trying to find it again. Hauntingly realistic and often unexpected, lead actor Mickey Rourke embodies the story of a man lost in a different world.

Random Observations:

The Wrestler at

Mickey Rourke was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar along with Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins, Frank Langella and Sean Penn. Having seen all of the performances but Jenkins, I can now conclude that Penn shouldn’t have won for Milk, but rather Langella for Frost/Nixon.

As much as I enjoyed the movie, the biggest joy it brought me was offering Rourke a comeback. His acceptance speeches at award festivities and his interviews are frequently hilarious.

Evan Rachel Wood played the wrestler’s daughter. I wish I knew where I had seen her before.

I definitely need to check our more of director Darren Aronofsky’s work. I have only seen Requiem for a Dream so far.