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Adventskalender 9

Mittwoch, Dezember 9th, 2009

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Minute Movie Review – Romeo + Juliet

Sonntag, Juni 22nd, 2008


Retelling the story of Romeo and Juliet is probably unnecessary – everybody knows the classical Shakespearean tragedy of two star-crossed lovers. The interesting bit is in the delivery of this Baz Luhrmann directed film: While he moves the story to a modern day, fictional Verona, he keeps the original dialogue. It is definitely an interesting experience, but one that does not always work. I can’t help but feel that I should either love or hate this movie, but in the end it left me rather uninterested.

Random Observations:

Romeo + Juliet at

Only Pete Postlethwaite, who plays the priest, speaks in iambic pentameters, in which the dialogue is written. This means that his “rhythmic” speech actually sounds the most natural.

This is another movie with an at least decent performance by Leonardo DiCaprio. I disliked him immensely after first seeing Titanic, but seeing his other work has made me realize that he is one of the best actors of his generation. If you haven’t seen them, check out What’s Eating Gilbert Grape for a truly tremendous performance when he was younger or The Departed for his more recent work.

Minute Movie Review – Stardust

Dienstag, April 29th, 2008


Based on the book by Neil Gaiman, Stardust tells the story of Tristan Thorn who ventures into the magical kingdom of Stormhold to retrieve a fallen star for his beloved. But things turn out different than expected when the star turns out to be alive – and a beautiful woman at that. Stardust is essentially a fairy tale for grown-ups – and that is not a bad thing. Fantasy movies have flooded the cinemas in recent years and it is refreshing to see one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, as shown by great supporting performances by Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro. A bit predictable, the film is nevertheless a lot of fun.

Random Observations:

Stardust at

Don’t be put off by the bad special effect shots in the beginning – you will hardly notice them later on.

Charlie Cox in the lead role is a relative unknown, but easily stands his grounds opposite Claire Danes and other renown actresses and actors.

There are actually quite a few changes to the book, from the beginning to the middle to the end. Most of them actually made for a better story though, so they are forgiveable.

Minute Movie Review – Shopgirl

Montag, März 17th, 2008


Steve Martin stars in Shopgirl, the quirky romantic comedy based on his novella. He plays aging millionaire Ray Porter, who seeks out young Mirabelle, who sells gloves at Saks for a living while still considering herself an artist, for a casual relationship. But Mirabelle wants more, but doesn’t know where to find it. Maybe with the slightly strange but lovable Jeremy? With voice-over narration and artistic shots, director Anand Tucker tries to capture the spirit of the novella. It doesn’t always work, but the story is engaging enough and the performance are good enough to at least enjoy this unusual film that is so obviously grounded in real life.

Random Observations:

Shopgirl at

Jason Schwartzman as Jeremy is just awesome. He plays this desperate and needy character straight up and you can almost feel how uncomfortable he makes Mirabelle feel.

The novella focuses largely on how shallow life in L.A. is. The movie moves the focus more on how shallow most people, i.e. the characters of the film, are.

A warning to people interested in the German DVD release: The picture quality is really bad.

Minute Movie Review – Little Women

Dienstag, November 13th, 2007


I’ve heard people say that “Little Women” is for Americans what “Pride and Prejudice” is for the British. And in a way it is true: There are lot of similarities between the stories and at least for the movie version it is true that “Little Women” is extremely American. The story of four sisters growing up during the Civil War is sentimentalized beyond belief. Even though the story of how they make their way in life, especially Jo the writer as the main character, is interesting and touching, the movie suffers from being just a little to melodramatic. It’s nice to see what life in that time in the US was like and the film shows this very well, but the unrealistic sentimentality of the story and of some people’s behaviour spoils the good effort to a certain extent.

Random Observations:

Little Women at

The German title of the film is “Betty und ihre Schwestern”, strangely enough.

Am I the only one who thinks that Christian Bale looks a lot like Tom Cruise? A couple of years younger and a lot more talented, but still.

Minute Movie Review – Stardust

Montag, November 5th, 2007


Stardust is a strange movie in that I can hardly find fault with it, yet it is not perfect. It is a nice fantasy tale of, who’d have guessed, love; well made in every aspect and with decent, though not outstanding, acting. Tristan sets out to bring back a fallen star to show his love for a girl wanting to marry another man, but when he discovers that the star is in fact alive (and a good-looking woman…), his journey back gets much more difficult. Witches want the star’s heart to be forever young and the princes of the kingdom seek the jewel that caused her to fall to earth. The story is well-developed and keeps the movie from falling into the trap of becoming just yet another love story. It is not a great movie, but it is a nice one in its own right.

Random Observations:

Stardust at

Before seeing the movie today, the only chance to see it in English until the DVD release, I read this article about good books that have been made into not quite so good movies. Of course, Stardust was on it. I haven’t read the book (yet), but I am curious to know what makes the book that much better.

Robert De Niro’s performance was actually a lot better than I expected. Maybe he is getting his old drive to actually try back.

I noticed today that the larger the budget of a movie is, the more people look at you funny when you go to see it alone. I’ve done it often and the last time I got that many incredulous looks was with Crash, even though it was some obscure and small cinema in New York.