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The Ten Best Movies of 2008

Mittwoch, Januar 7th, 2009

Everybody loves Top Ten Lists, right? You can never get enough of them, correct? If you read one to the end, you want nothing more than start looking at the next one, or am I wrong? In any case, I like Top Ten (or basically any other number) Lists. I know they are silly and arbitrary and highly subjective, but they are still fun – even if one just reads them to poke fun at the author(s). So to start my own habitual list-making off, I hereby offer you the TEN BEST MOVIES OF 2008!

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Minute Movie Review – Iron Man

Donnerstag, Mai 22nd, 2008


Tony Stark is the owner and chief engineer of a weapons manufacturer. He’s also a playboy and all around popular guy. But when he sees firsthand what his weapons do in Afghanistan, he decides to change his ways. No more new weapons – only a suit to make him Iron Man, protector of the disenfranchised. The first summer blockbuster of 2008, Iron Man focuses on the change in personality and shows Tony Stark more out of his super suit. Played with his usual mix of charm and deeper personality defects by Robert Downey Jr., he as well as the movie are gritty and dark, yet entertaining enough to make up for the relative lack of action.

Random Observations:

Iron Man at

While it is obvious that director Jon Favreau and the other people responsible for this film tried to do what Christopher Nolan did with Batman Begins, it is also painfully obvious which of the two has the real film-making chops. No, I’m not talking about Favreau.

What is it with comic book adaptations and the painfully awful names? Who would ever name their daughter “Pepper”?

I was really proud when watching the movie for immediately recognizing Terrence Howard. My pride was slightly diminished when I saw the end credits and Jeff Bridges’ name there. He looks odd bald.

After all the critical praise and commercial success I really tried to like this movie, but I just couldn’t. It’s not bad, just not very good either.

Minute Movie Review – Batman Begins

Donnerstag, März 20th, 2008


After 1997′s “Batman & Robin“, a successful comic book movie franchise was dead – and rightfully so. But in 2005, Christopher Nolan, the acclaimed director of “Memento” and “The Prestige“, revived it. Deciding to start all over, he tells the story of how Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, became Batman, the darkest of popular comic book superheroes. A brooding tale of revenge, Batman Begins actually focuses on story-telling and character development – and it does so extremely well. With a stellar cast (Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy…) and a brilliant director, those parts work extremely well. The action sequence, who here are supposed to be the icing on the cake instead of being the entire cake as is usual for blockbuster movies, don’t work quite so well. Nevertheless, as far as popular comic book adaptations go, there is none better.

Random Observations:

Batman Begins at

The obligatory sequel, The Dark Knight, will be released this summer. And it certainly looks as if it could really get the whole franchise running again. Katie Holmes has been replaced with Maggie Gyllenhaal (who can actually act) and Heath Ledger will star in his second-to-last performance and the one he himself said he was most proud of as the Joker.

Compared to other movies in this genre (the earlier Batman films, Spiderman and so on), this one sets a new standard for gritty realism. Batman is not a superhero because of special powers, but because he wants to revenge his parents’ murder and do something good in the world. His opponents aren’t caricatures with “magical” weapons, but instead very real humans with very real ways of hurting people. Sure, you sometimes have to suspend your disbelief in this movie, but not to the same extent usually necessary.

Minute Movie Review – Fight Club

Sonntag, Februar 10th, 2008


When the unnamed narrator is tired of his average life, his meeting with Tyler Durden seems to be destiny. Together they start Fight Club – where men like them can vent their aggressions in fist fights. But for Tyler, that is not enough and so mayhem ensues. Fight Club is often considered one of the quintessential movies of our time and it is certainly a masterpiece in every aspect but its story. If you want a really surprising twist ending, Christopher Nolan is your man, not David Fincher.

Random Observations:

Fight Club at

Note to the public: Edward Norton is a great actor. But I guess you already knew that.

If any of the German people out there could explain to me, why the original cut was rated “Ab 18″ and thus a shorter version was released to theatres, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Minute Movie Review – The Prestige

Montag, Januar 7th, 2008


The Prestige tells the story of two rival magicians in the late 19th Century. But their rivalry isn’t confined to the stage when one causes the other’s wife’s death during a show. For the rest of their life, both are driven to beat the other one. The movie by Christopher Nolan has some similarities to the movie that made him famous, Memento. But not only the twist at the end makes this movie worth watching, the performance by leads Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman is incredible and David Bowie as Nicola Tesla is an interesting casting choice. However, do not just expect a period picture, but a science-fiction part as well or you might be as disappointed by the end as I was.

Random Observations:

The Prestige at

The real problem of this movie is that it is not just a fictional story, but a story that is so fictional that you know that it not only didn’t happen, but also never could have happened. In general, that is not necessarily bad, but if you think until almost the finish that it all could have happened, you feel somewhat cheated, especially since the movie is really good apart from that.

Scarlett Johansson has a role in this movie and while it is quite easy to say that she has never really tried her best since “Lost in Translation“, her performance here is truly dreadful.

For all you Gollum fans, this movie gives you the chance to see Andy Serkis as a “normal” actor.