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The Hangover – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, September 29th, 2010


Having your bachelor party two days before the wedding in Las Vegas is a bad idea – especially when the groom-to-be is missing. So the three friends try to figure out just what the hell happened in their night of debauchery and hilarity ensues. No, seriously, it actually ensues. Despite nothing in the film actually being particularly funny, the film as a whole is quite hilarious – no idea how they pulled that off. Probably by being better craftspeople than I am.

Random Observations:

The Hangover at the IMDb

Zach Galifianakis, of the unpronounceable name, is probably the funniest ingredient in this very entertaining film. He plays the not-all-there brother-in-law of groom-to-be Justin Bartha.

I wonder: is Bradley Cooper in any way related to Chris Cooper? Probably not, but the new IMDb design doesn’t allow me to painlessly look it up. And it would be very funny if it were the case. So I am just going to pretend that he is Chris’ son.

The comedy here is painted in such broad strokes, that it is sure to appeal to almost everyone.

Capote – Minute Movie Review

Donnerstag, Mai 20th, 2010


Despite the title, this is not your regular biopic, instead just telling the story of how Truman Capote become involved in the murder story in Kansas that served as the basis for his extraordinary true crime fiction book In Cold Blood. The film is a bleak retelling of history, somewhat elevated by the interesting subject and a superb performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman in the lead role, who has no qualms about depicting the vile nastiness and arrogant narcissism of Capote – a portrayal that garnered him a (arguably long overdue) Best Actor Oscar. This awesome performance also is the film’s biggest weakness, for together with the brutal killers it takes centre stage, meaning that no character the viewer could identify with is left. More sympathetic figures like Harper Lee (the always reliable Catherine Keener), Capote’s boyfriend Jack Dunphy (Bruce Greenwood) or police investigator Alvin Dewey (Chris Cooper) are reduced to little more than cameo appearances.

Random Observations:

Capote at the IMDb

You know how all famous people know each other? Watching this film, you could almost believe that is true.

I always knew Capote was a nasty piece of work, but if his depiction in this film is correct, he hardly qualified as a human being. That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a great writer, but still.

I like the story Capote tells about shooting a film with Humphrey Bogart and John Huston. Those two men are as close to being my idols as anyone.

Adaptation. – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, März 24th, 2010


Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is struggling to adapt a novel while dealing with the fact that his brother’s formulaic work is going along so well. Meanwhile, the author of the novel and the protagonist of the true story all have their own problems surrounding orchids. The film adds layers over layers until the plot ends up so far up its own arsehole that it looses all reason – intentionally, of course. The film plays with reality while trying to talk about passion, writing and love. It is often funny, but ultimately a little to pretentious in its own cleverness for my liking.

Random Observations:

Adaptation. at the IMDb

Yes, the film was written by Charlie Kaufman, together with his imaginary twin brother Donald. This is supposed to further add to the story’s mystique, but it just caused me to wonder about what was actually real. (Very little, as it turns out.)

Nicolas Cage plays both brothers, which makes this film an entry in THE EPIC SEARCH FOR NICOLAS CAGE’S LAST GOOD FILM! More here.

The film repeatedly references Being John Malkovich, which was also written by Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze. Regretfully, I still have not seen that film.

I like the wordplay in the title.

New York, I Love You – Minute Movie Review

Donnerstag, Februar 11th, 2010


After the success of Paris, je t’aime, it was only a matter of time before another film consisting of several love stories all set in one city would be made. Now that film has arrived, set in the wondrous city of New York. But while the first film assembled a host of talented filmmakers, this second instalment of what is to become a franchise suffers from a slew of inexperienced, overtaxed or, quite simply, bad directors. Add to that stories that are largely unoriginal and the few good parts of the film are all but forgotten. But worst of all is the overall inconsistency. Where Paris, je t’aime was ordered, this film is utter chaos, with the episodes blending into one another, making it hard to follow them when you never get closure on any storyline. The film might have been a nice idea, but the execution ruined it.

Random Observations:

New York, I Love You at the IMDb

Two more segments have been filmed and were included in the first showings at film festivals, but were cut for the theatrical release.

Very few of the stories actually deal with love. Many more just deal with sex.

There were a few fun segments, namely the first (by Jiang Wen) and the last (by Joshua Marston), but for the most part the film didn’t even manage to entertain.

The best segment might have been Fatih Akin’s, although it ultimately had very little pay-off.

The best actor in the film was Ethan Hawke, trying to pick up a woman while standing outside smoking.

Having Bradley Cooper repeatedly get in the cabs of people from different segments was a nice touch, but ultimately meaningless because it was not employed throughout and the joke never had a punchline.

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