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Redbelt – Minute Movie Review

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010


Chiwetel Ejiofor is a jiu-jitsu master who barely scrapes by with his academy in Los Angeles. He refuses to fight in competitions, citing that rules are against the purity of the fight. Things change, however, when an accident and Hollywood connections promise relief while making his financial troubles worse. The film by David Mamet is an interesting combination of straight-up drama and sports action film. The plot is not the most original nor the most consistent, the dialogue is stilted (written by Mamet, that is to be expected and intentional), and the ending is so over-the-top in it’s justification of the theme that if you stay true to your principles, you will eventually succeed, that it is almost painful. Nevertheless, it’s a good film, mostly due to great actors all around, led by the incredible Ejiofor, whose performance as the wounded warrior is simply breath-taking.

Random Observations:

Redbelt at the IMDb

I don’t know how to pronounce his name, but Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of the best actors working today.

Am I the only one who finds the idea of Tim Allen as an action movie star utterly hilarious? Or rather, am I the only one beside Mamet to do so?

The various fighters in the game were all portrayed by professional fighters in this strange new game called “Mixed Martial Arts”. I don’t know anything about it – nor do I really care – but I think the concept is simply that you can use whatever you can to bring your opponent down. Firearms might be an exception.

My Favourite Contemporary Actors

Freitag, März 27th, 2009

As I said before, everybody loves Top Ten Lists. Especially me. So I thought I’d start a new, sort of regular, feature here, where I make Top Ten Lists of things I like. Now, the usual way to go about that would be to make lists like “The Ten Best Actors Working Today”, but even I don’t consider my opinion so important as to call it objective. So I will make lists like “My Favourite Ten Actors Working Today”, even if that title is a little longer. And so, without further ado, here are the ten actors whose body of work I enjoy so much, that just their participation in a film means that I want to see it, in reverse order. If you know all ten of them, congratulate yourself on having good taste. (weiterlesen …)

Minute Movie Review – Serenity

Mittwoch, März 4th, 2009


When the government decides to kill one of them, the crew of the Serenity do everything they can to find out the why. Set in a world that is best described as “cowboys in space”, the film is a thrilling science-fiction tale of morality and politics – told through a gripping and thrilling action adventure. There is something for everyone to enjoy – quite simply one of the best sci-fi movies ever made.

Random Observations:

Serenity at

Quite possibly the DVD I own that I have seen most often. Though probably not.

The whole idea started as a TV series called Firefly, which due to low ratings and mistreatment at the hands of Fox was cancelled after 14 episodes. But since the show had quite a few and very vocal fans and the DVDs were bestsellers, Universal offered Whedon $50 million to make a film. And yes, for a film like that, that is an incredibly small budget.

The film is very “Whedonesque”, i.e. has many characteristics that are typical for Whedon creations, such as killing off popular characters and making sure that every love story has a bitter ending.

I actually saw the movie before the TV series. The reason I went to see it was that one film critic wrote something along the lines of: “It was like 1977 and watching Star Wars for the first time.” Since I sadly missed that event, I just had to be on the groundfloor for this one.

Minute Movie Review – Children of Men

Montag, März 3rd, 2008


In 2027, humanity is on the brink of collapse. The last child was born 18 years ago – and recently killed when he refused to sign autographs. In Britain, all immigrants are rounded up to leave the country. Theo wouldn’t care all that much – but when his ex-wife asks for his help, he is suddenly drawn into protecting a girl that just might spell hope for mankind. A gripping science-fiction thriller, with the always-cool Clive Owen in the lead role and a great supporting cast, the movie is both fascinating and deeply thought-provoking – and what else can one really ask for? There is a reason many critics considered this 2006′s best movie.

Random Observations:

Children of Men at

It’s actually been two weeks since I saw this movie, so please excuse the complete absence of random observations. They usually don’t stay in my mind for that long.

Adventskalender 23

Sonntag, Dezember 23rd, 2007

Klick auf den Link, um das 23. Türchen zu öffnen. Click the link to open the 23rd door.

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It’s a perfect 10!

Donnerstag, November 8th, 2007

The always great IMDB (Internet Movie Database) offers registered users the chance to rate movies on a scale from 1 to 10. As somebody with a lot of time and even more interest in movies, I have done so (as of November 8th 2007) 342 times. Out of the 342 movies, I rated 12 as 10. Here is, in alphabetical order, the list with short explanations. Please note that I am aware that some of these movies are far from perfect. I nevertheless enjoyed them immensely. It would also be inadvisable to compare these movies to each other – my ratings are more based on what I felt about the film than on objective facts. That is why they are my ratings.

About Schmidt

I see this movie as Jack Nicholson’s best. And considering his life’s work, that is saying something (Chinatown anyone?). It is a nice story of a senior in the United States that is lost after losing his job. Don’t expect great action sequences or special effects from this movie – just a nice story with incredible acting and some extremely funny passages.

Die Brücke

The only German movie on this list and at the same time the oldest. Die Brücke (The Bridge) is an anti-war story of several boys who are charged with defending a bridge at the end of World War II. Never before and never again has a movie so brutally showcased the senselessness of war in general and of the Third Reich in particular.

Brokeback Mountain

To say that Brokeback Mountain is simply the story of two gay cowboys is not enough. The movie is a masterpiece in almost every aspect: A moving, extremely realistic story, superb acting from everyone involved and just beautifully shot. Despite the subject, the movie never gets sappy, preachy or homophobic.

A Clockwork Orange

I watched this movie after I read the book, which is a masterpiece in its own right, and was surprised at just how much better it is. I see this as Stanley Kubrick’s best movie, easily surpassing the usual favourite “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Caution: This is by far the “darkest” movie on this list.

Down by Law

And now we come to one of my favourite filmmakers, the great Jim Jarmusch. As much as I love all of his work, with the possible exception of “Stranger than Paradise”, Down by Law is his best movie. Who could ever forget “I scream, you scream, we all scream – for ice cream.” Possibly the funniest line in movie history.

Fucking Åmål

The second (and last) non-English movie on this list. This Swedish film is a touching love story as well as a nice coming-of-age story. The titular city, Åmål, is small and not exactly exciting for teenagers, so most just want to leave. The twist: the love story is of two girls.

Lost in Translation

My second favourite movie ever. A love story of sorts between a young American philosopher and an aging movie star who are stranded in Tokyo. Slow, character-driven and sometimes extremely (intentionally) awkward, but overall just great. Bill Murray has never acted better and Sofia Coppola proves with this movie, after her promising debut “The Virgin Suicides”, that she has inherited her father’s talent.

Love Actually

Probably the “lightest” movie here. Just a straightforward romantic comedy (British!), with not one but a dozen love stories. It’s funny and always good for Christmas, which is of course all around. The star-studded cast makes this movie even better.

The Matrix

Yes, I still think the Matrix is a great movie. You just have to ignore the two sequels. I think everybody has seen this one, so there really isn’t much to say. It’s a great science fiction story, well made and though-provoking. What else could you ask for?

Million Dollar Baby

Two-thirds in I wondered what the big deal was. Up to that point, Million Dollar Baby is just a usual feel-good sports story which has you cheering for the underdog. It’s nice, with brilliant acting and so on, but nothing special. But the ending changes everything and makes this movie truly unique. It’s the movie I’m most unsure about including in this “elite” company (and incidentally also the latest addition), but the ending deserves it.

The Royal Tenenbaums

This is my favourite movie. It’s a Wes Anderson movie and I like all of his work. But The Royal Tenenbaums is easily the best among them. The story is typical Anderson (and Owen Wilson, his usual co-writer), a unique blend of humour and melancholy. Royal, the father of three brilliant kids, wants to come back to his family after living in a hotel for decades. At first he justs wants to come back because he is broke, but slowly he begins to care for his family and the other members of the family begin to care for each other. If the fact that this is my favourite movie is no reason for you to watch it, just take a look at the cast list: Gene Hackmann, Bill Murray, Owen and Luke Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anjelica Houston, …

V for Vendetta

Finally, an action movie on this list (apart from Matrix)! Well, true, but also so much more. This comic book adaption, incidentally from the Matrix creators (the movie, not the comic, that’s from Alan Moore), is even better than its source material. In a Britain where a new tyranny is reigning, a single “terrorist” sets out to make things right. The story is very well versed, with many great actors (Hugo Weaving, Stephen Fry, Natalie Portman among others), just the right amount of humour and action sequences to spice up the political story.