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I Don’t Discuss My Process – The Making of the Second Bilingual Christmas Movie Adventskalender

Mittwoch, Dezember 30th, 2009

Judging by the astronomical visitor figures of the last four weeks and the unprecedented poll participation, many people have enjoyed reading the Second Bilingual Christmas Movie Adventskalender (Trademark pending). And if DVD extras are any indication, what people like even more than being entertained, is a view behind the scenes, at how the film (or the Adventskalender) was made. So here are ten things you might not have known about the Second Bilingual Christmas Movie Adventskalender – my personal trade secrets, so to speak. And they are certainly good advice for anyone undertaking such a great venture. (weiterlesen …)

Adventskalender 5

Samstag, Dezember 5th, 2009

Klick auf den Link, um das fünfte Türchen zu öffnen. Click the link to open the fifth door.

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Catch Me If You Can – Minute Movie Review

Sonntag, November 1st, 2009


Supposedly completely true to life and at least based on reality, the film tells the story of conman Frank Abagnale, who impersonated an airline pilot, a doctor and a lawyer and all that before he was twenty-one. The film is highly entertaining with the cat and mouse game between Abagnale, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and the FBI investigator chasing him (Tom Hanks) being the central piece to the puzzle. There is no real substance to the story and no matter how much of it is true, it feels very much like a typical Hollywood fable, but it is expertly made and solid entertainment for the running time.

Random Observations:

Catch Me If You Can at the IMDb

The film tries very hard to have some actual meaning, with both Abagnale’s father (the always amazing Christopher Walken) shown as an example of where the events would lead, as well as some preachy scenes about the nature of crimes and the eventual comeuppance, but it ultimately fails in this respect. The conman’s life simply is to entertaining, at least on film.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, who really should stick to films like these instead of making “important” films like Schindler’s List, the most overrated film of all time. Sadly, people keep telling him that he is more than an entertainment director, which is a real shame because in that category he is one of the -  if not the – best.