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The Lovely Bones – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, Februar 24th, 2010


A bad story poorly told – and yet not a completely worthless film. Based on the novel by Alice Sebold (which people assure me has a much better story than the film), the film unsuccessfully tries to tell both the story of the murdered girl Suzie Salmon in between heaven and earth and how her family tries to cope with her death. Now, the art direction and the cinematography of the film are great and the actors really try, but the film never finds its footing and has no emotional resonance whatsoever. It’s (rightfully) in love with the perfect visuals, but since those add nothing to the story, they are pointless and ultimately just a distraction. There might have been a good film in there somewhere, but it’s almost impossible to find.

Random Observations:

The Lovely Bones at the IMDb

Stanley Tucci is nominated for an Oscar for his performance as the creepy murderer.

Saoirse Ronan plays the lead role, but never reaches the greatness of her Atonement performance. Mostly, she is simply not given enough to work with.

The plot is riddled with holes and the intent of the story – to show how a family deals with the loss of a child – is completely lost.

The film features extensive voice-over narration that rivals Harrison Ford’s original Blade Runner narration for worst ever. Only not because of the delivery, but because of the content.

If I understand it correctly, most of the scenes with Rachel Weisz as the mother were cut from the finished film, which certainly would explain the disjointed nature of her storyline.

The comedic intermission with grandmother Susan Sarandon doing housework was the most horribly awkward and painfully misplaced scene I have seen in a long time.