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My Bodyguard – Minute Movie Review

Mittwoch, Oktober 6th, 2010


At his new school, fifteen-year-old Chris Makepeace is bullied, so he decides to hire the one guy everyone is scared of, Adam Baldwin, as his bodyguard. The business relationship soon develops into a friendship as their limits are severely tested. The film doesn’t quite know what to do with the premise. It crams a few too many plot elements into the erratically told story and waivers between serious drama and light-hearted comedy. There is much promise here, but ultimately very little pay-off. Solid performances, especially from Ruth Gordon as Makepeace’s grandmother, make for an entertaining film, but it’s kind of sad to think what it could have been.

Random Observations:

My Bodyguard at the IMDb

I have to admit that I mostly picked up this film to see the début of Adam Baldwin, of firefly fame, who is decidedly not a Baldwin brother.

This appears to be “80s teen movie week”. No idea how this happened. Check in Friday to see whether it continues.

Another film with a very young Joan Cusack. And also a very young Matt Dillon. While instantly recognizable, they sure have changed a lot in thirty years.

Minute Movie Review – Serenity

Mittwoch, März 4th, 2009


When the government decides to kill one of them, the crew of the Serenity do everything they can to find out the why. Set in a world that is best described as “cowboys in space”, the film is a thrilling science-fiction tale of morality and politics – told through a gripping and thrilling action adventure. There is something for everyone to enjoy – quite simply one of the best sci-fi movies ever made.

Random Observations:

Serenity at

Quite possibly the DVD I own that I have seen most often. Though probably not.

The whole idea started as a TV series called Firefly, which due to low ratings and mistreatment at the hands of Fox was cancelled after 14 episodes. But since the show had quite a few and very vocal fans and the DVDs were bestsellers, Universal offered Whedon $50 million to make a film. And yes, for a film like that, that is an incredibly small budget.

The film is very “Whedonesque”, i.e. has many characteristics that are typical for Whedon creations, such as killing off popular characters and making sure that every love story has a bitter ending.

I actually saw the movie before the TV series. The reason I went to see it was that one film critic wrote something along the lines of: “It was like 1977 and watching Star Wars for the first time.” Since I sadly missed that event, I just had to be on the groundfloor for this one.