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It’s 2009!

Mittwoch, Januar 7th, 2009

As you probably have already noticed, it is 2009. As you have also already noticed, when you are reading this, I have returned to Fabricated Truth to post just about anything that comes to mind. There are new minute movie reviews. There is a new poll (Go Vote -> The poll has been moved to the bottom of this post). I will again write your story. I will again write your poem. I also have some other plans for nice and new things to entertain you with, but if I mention them now they are bound to never be accomplished. So sit tight, enjoy the ride and comment like your life depended on it.

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The Introduction of Theme Months

Samstag, Juni 28th, 2008

When I announced some big changes at Fabricated Truth, I was only partly kidding. In fact, I actually want to change something. Writing a short review (see my previous post “What’s in a Name” for more information) (almost) whenever I see a movie is nice, but not enough. Occasionally I feel the need to stretch my writing muscles a bit and actually write something a bit deeper and more meaningful. But what about? Truth is, I may claim to be a movie expert sometimes, but I really am not. Sure, I’ve been to the cinema a couple of times and have seen the occasional film on TV or DVD, but when it comes to real knowledge of classic cinema or something similar, I quickly must admit my ignorance.

But ignorance is not only bliss but also a chance. Admitting it is not shameful, especially not when trying to overcome it. And thus we come to the introduction of theme months. Going back to the tight schedule of December, when the bilingual Adventskalender kept me posting regularly, I will once again submit myself to self-set deadlines and try to write something more on a recurring theme. And since December is still a long way away and I am frankly quite tired of Christmas movies, (Besides, are there even 24 more worth watching?) each month will now be a theme month at Fabricated Truth. Don’t worry, I will still write and post my Minute Movie Reviews, but in addition, each month will be dedicated to a theme and see some posts related to that – maybe not every day, but at least a couple of times each week.

Themes can be basically everything. A month may be dedicated to a film maker (e.g. Woody Allen), an actor (e.g. Christopher Walken), a genre (e.g. horror), a sub-genre (e.g. slasher horror), an era (e.g. The Golden Age of Cinema), a country (e.g. Iceland) or something else entirely. I will write a short introductory text on the first of each month, detailing the theme and also outlining which particular movies will be reviewed in depth during the course of the month – and yes, this will start in July.

For most months, this will be a kind of adventure for me – writing about something I know very little about, slowly dissolving my ignorance and learning about the theme. I hope that some readers will join me in those journeys and learn about these themes together with me. Occasionally I may pretend to know everything, but it’s all just for show. Even when admitting your own ignorance, you still have to keep some face. And readers will get to keep all of theirs, using my ignorance to displace their own.

Two last issues: I’m fairly certain that most articles in this endeavour will be better written than this one. Hopefully, having a deadline, even if it is self-imposed, will stop me from writing late at night when I should really be sleeping. Blame my tiredness for this badly written piece. And also, no, I don’t have any plans to write about Woody Allen, Christopher Walken, horror movies or even slasher horror movies (whatever those might be) and I’m not sure what The Golden Age of Cinema even is. I also have never seen an Icelandic film – but maybe I’ll get around to that eventually. For July, expect some light-hearted start with a not too serious theme about which I actually know a little. More on Tuesday – I hope to see you here (figuratively speaking).

What’s in a name?

Sonntag, Juni 22nd, 2008

Attentive readers may already have noticed that I recently changed the title lines of my movie reviews from a simple “Movie Review” to “Minute Movie Review”. The change might seem minuscule, but I’d still like to explain it.

For some time, calling this things movie reviews has bothered me. Sure, in a way that’s exactly what they are, but in truth they tell very little about the film they supposedly review. When I first started writing them, my idea was nothing less than to revolutionize how movies are criticized.

Obviously, this completely failed.

Instead, they have become a way for me to keep track of which movies I’ve recently watched – what they were about and whether I liked them. Additionally, they were a chance for you, my dear readers, to see quickly, whether you might want to see a movie. They are more of a recommendation than reviews, I guess. But calling them “Movie Recommendation” would have been silly – first because I always slow down typing when spelling recommendation and also because I wouldn’t recommend a fair number of these films. Thus the title of “Minute Movie Review” was born.

They are not called “Minute Movie Review” because you should be able to read them in a minute (which, admittedly, shouldn’t be a problem for even a slow reader), but because I always set out to write them in a minute. Which actually never works out, but that is completely besides the point.

So, in the next few days, I will go back through the archives and rename all the old entries, because that’s just the kind of person I am. And also in the next few days, I will inform you of the other reason to rename these short reviews. Great things are afoot at Fabricated Truth, but for more on that you’ll have to wait a couple of days. Because that’s also the kind of person I am.

Now You Can Decide!

Samstag, Juni 7th, 2008

As I have said before, Fabricated Truth (as this blog is pretentiously called) is all about interaction. I promised to write your stories and your poems and of course I’ve kept my promise. But that kind of interaction obviously scared some people, so for the newest feature you don’t even have to leave a fake name. On the immediate right of this post (or slightly above that if you are reading this at a later date) you will find a poll – the option to voice your opinion on what movie I should review next. I will occasionally yield to the result and will of course update the poll as I see fit. Share and Enjoy!

Minute Movie Review – V for Vendetta

Freitag, März 14th, 2008


V for Vendetta is based on a comic of the same name by Alan Moore, who was so fed up with Hollywood’s versions of his visions, he refused to even be named in the credits for this one. But unlike “From Hell” or “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“, this film stayed true to the original story (although it is updated to our time). In a future Britain, an all-powerful government promises to keep the country from collapsing like the rest of the world. But the people’s freedom is restricted too much and a single “terrorist”, code-named V, fights the government. Remembering Guy Fawkes, he tries to steer up a revolution. The film is a mixture of political drama and action and as that works very well. It’s smart, it’s witty and it’s insightful – and just oh so much fun. A brilliant film that everyone should see.

Random Observations:

V for Vendetta at

The title of this blog, Fabricated Truth, was actually inspired by this movie (or maybe the comic, I can’t recall). There is a quote along the lines of: “Artists use lies to tell the truth, politicians to cover it up”. In this spirit, the truth may be fabricated here, but it’s alright and even good.

Natalie Portman shaved her hair for this film. Now that is dedication. She also spoke with a British accent that sadly was not as noticeable in “The Other Boleyn Girl“.

My favourite funny-man Stephen Fry has a part in this that wasn’t in the graphic novel. Maybe that is why I like the movie so much more.

Bilingual Adventskalender

Donnerstag, November 29th, 2007

For English version, see below the dotted line (made of stars).

Weihnachtsfilme – jeder kennt sie, viele hassen sie und noch mehr geben nicht zu, wie sehr sie aus ihrer Sicht zu einem schönen Weihnachtsfest gehören. Da ich ja sowieso ein Faible für Filme habe (andere würden es wohl eine Obsession nennen…), fasziniert mich natürlich auch das Phänomen Weihnachtsfilm. Nie sonst sind wir so gutmütig was die Bewertung der oftmals dünnen Handlung angeht, nie sonst freuen wir uns so über Kitsch und überbordende Emotionen. In den USA sind Filme mit weihnachtlichen Themen ab November die großen Kassenschlager (neudeutsch und englisch: Blockbuster). In einer Zeit, in der die Familie groß geschrieben wird, florieren Familienfilme. Und auch in Deutschland haben diese Filme, seien sie romantisch oder lustig, furchteinflößend oder dramatisch, immer mehr Zuschauer. Vorbei sind die Zeiten als an Weihnachten Verfilmungen von Klassikern der Weltliteratur zu sehen waren. Stattdessen also ein Weihnachtsfilm nach dem nächsten.

Um sich in diesem Dickicht zurechtzufinden, um sowohl ein wenig Anleitung als auch Unterhaltung zu bieten, gibt es ab dem 1. Dezember hier den Adventskalender der Weihnachtsfilme – mit einer täglichen Filmkritik in deutsch und englisch, damit auch wirklich jeder etwas davon hat (besonders meine Übersetzungsfähigkeiten). Egal wie der geehrte Leser also zu Weihnachtsfilmen steht – egal ob er sie verachtet und um jeden Preis vermeiden will, oder ob er sie liebt und sich ab Juli auf Dezember freut, damit er endlich wieder diese herzerwärmenden Filme sehen kann – mit diesem Adventskalender gibt es aus seriöser Quelle die Informationen, die man braucht.

Schön anzusehen sein wird das nicht. Meine Computerkenntnisse reichen zwar aus, um meinen Unsinn in der ganzen Welt zu verbreiten, aber nicht um ihn auch noch schön darzustellen. Also wird es keine verschneite Winterlandschaft mit kleinen Nummern geben, die nur am entsprechenden Tag das dahinter versteckte Kleinod freigeben. Stattdessen wird es einfach jeden Tag hier eine neue Kritik zu lesen geben.

Also schauen Sie jeden Tag herein, freuen Sie sich auf Filmkritiken, die Weihnachtsfilme als das anerkennen, was sie sind: Kleine Kunstwerke in einer sehr speziellen Nische, denen man viele Fehler nachsieht. Denn schließlich ist Weihnachten die Zeit der Vergebung. Und wenn jetzt jemand direkt an einen Film denken muss, der in diesem Adventskalender nicht fehlen darf, so möge er es jetzt sagen oder für immer schweigen. Noch gibt es freie Türchen, noch ist Platz für Ihren Lieblingsfilm oder den Weihnachtsfilm, den Sie sich weigern zu sehen, aber über den Sie trotzdem mitreden wollen. Besonders über deutsche Filmvorschläge würde ich mich sehr freuen, denn davon gibt es leider bisher wenige in diesem Adventskalender. Denn in der umfangreichen zweistündigen Vorbereitung, die für diesen Adventskalender nötig war, sind mir davon leider wenige begegnet.

Kommen Sie jeden Tag wieder und lassen Sie mich der Erste sein, der Ihnen “Fröhliche Internetweihnachten” wünscht.

Und für diejenigen, die gerne viel lesen: Der folgende englische Text ist keine direkte Übersetzung.


In Germany, the time leading up to Christmas, from December 1st on, is called “Advent”. It is traditional to have (at least) one “Adventskalender”, advent calendar, for that time. In the most common form it is a cardboard box (which you can hang on a nail) containing 24 “doors” numbered 1 through 24 that you open on the corresponding day of December. Usual there is a small piece of chocolate (Remember, Germany is The Land of Chocolate!) in there, behind which is a picture, both depicting something to do with Christmas. Nowadays of course, there are Adventskalender containing all kind of things: lottery tickets, small toys or even bottles of beer are just some of the things you encounter everywhere. In some neighbourhoods people even decorate their windows and open a different one every day to display to the world. So as far as German Christmas traditions go, this is one of the big ones.

The internet, on the other hand, isn’t very traditional. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do traditional things in the world wide web as well. Others have done it before me, so I can’t claim to have come up with the idea, but I will nevertheless host my very own little Adventskalender here. Sadly, I am not a nifty programmer, so you will not be able to see a beautiful winter landscape with tiny numbers on it that only lead to the hidden treasure on the proper day. Instead, I will just gift you with a new movie review every day.

Let me talk about something else here for a moment. We all know Christmas movies. We love them, we loathe them and most of us try to avoid them as much as possible. But we have all been in those embarrassing situations when a significant other says something like: “But it is such a nice story, you’ll love it.” Or when the Christmas spirit is high in the family and somebody suggests watching that “adorable Christmas comedy”. And all one can do is pretend to be thrilled and hope that it is over soon.

But never again!

Starting December 1st, you will be able to find out everything there is to know about a Christmas movie without actually sitting through it. And you can just say something like: “Oh, I’ve seen it a million times. It has such a nice happy ending.” (That is of course true of all Christmas movies…) “Let us rather watch this great new action flick, I heard the special effects were amazing.” And because you can now provide details of the story (and spoil it for everybody else), you actually get to watch that exciting new movie.

But maybe you are different?

You actually enjoy Christmas movies. You like the sappy happiness that a good Christmas flick causes. Christmas movies are an important part of Christmas and really help you getting into the spirit of the thing.

Trust me, you are not alone. Millions, maybe billions, of people think so too. And are just to scared to admit it. Well, all of you will also enjoy reading about your favourite movies again (next best thing to watching them again) and with my great insight into the genre (…) I will be able to sort through all the bad ones to bring you the truly enjoyable ones, that cause all that sappy happiness you’ve been hoping for.

So check back every day from December 1st to December 24th to read about those wonderful(ly awful) Christmas movies. And if you have a movie you absolutely want to read about (be it because you want to read what I think about your favourite or because you want to know whether to watch it or avoid it), drop me a line quickly before all entries are chosen. Obviously, such an Adventskalender takes a lot of preparation, so I’ve been working on it tirelessly for hours, but right now some spots are still open.

And let me be the first one to wish you a very Merry Internet Christmas every day.

Minute Movie Reviews

Samstag, Oktober 27th, 2007

I will use this blog to occasionally (or hopefully more often) write movie reviews. Movies are a bit of a passion for me and I love talking about them. So the goal for these reviews is not to say everything about the movie that can be said, but to give a short (I plan with less than 100 words, but I’m not sure whether that will work) review of the movie that helps the reader to decide whether they are interested in seeing the movie.

In addition I will, whenever I feel the need to do so, add random observations about the movie. They will be included in the same post, but will not be part of the review. They are there to a) encourage discussion about a movie, b) point out things I noticed that are not directly relevant to whether or not somebody might like the movie and c) most importantly to give me room to brag about my movie knowledge.

I hope you will enjoy reading these reviews as much as I enjoy writing them and feel free to urge me to watch and/or review any movie that you are interested in.