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Rain Man – Minute Movie Review

Freitag, Oktober 1st, 2010


Not exactly successful car dealer Tom Cruise isn’t very sad when his father dies. But when he hears that he left all his money to a formerly unknown brother, who is severely autistic, Cruise more or less kidnaps his brother to get at the money. But naturally, things don’t quite work out this way in this classic drama about brothers, life, autism and Dustin Hoffman’s acting abilities. Though not quite as brilliant as I remembered, the film still holds up reasonably well more than twenty years after its release.

Random Observations:

Rain Man at the IMDb

In the farm house scene, where they go to watch “People’s Court”, Beth Grant plays the mother. I honestly did not recognize her. How embarrassing.

Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for his performance, the starting point for the famous “full retard” speech from the solid comedy Tropic Thunder.

I was inspired to watch this film again by the casino/card-counting scene from The Hangover, that was a clear homage to this film.

It’s funny what you remember from films that you haven’t seen in many years. I completely forgot about Cruise’s girlfriend and I could have sworn that the last scene was different – but the scene in my mind was only alluded to throughout the film. “Dad let’s my drive slow in the driveway. I’m an excellent driver.”

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Dienstag, Dezember 8th, 2009

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The Accused – Minute Movie Review

Sonntag, September 6th, 2009


A young woman is raped by three men while a roomful of others cheer them on. When she is dismayed that the charge for the assailants is reduced, the district attorney goes after the onlookers in a trial that could set precedent – and ensure that the attackers serve their full sentence. The film deals delicately with a difficult topic, but sadly never truly finds its footing. It varies between investigating and demonstrating the effects of sexual assault, a fairly run of the mill legal thriller and a character study, but doesn’t go far enough with any idea to make it work. It’s a haunting tale, well made, but ultimately falls flat.

Random Observations:

The Accused at the IMDb

The film is also a warning piece about 80s hairstyles. There is not a single person who doesn’t look stupid by today’s standards.

Jodie Foster won an Oscar for her portrayal of the rape victim.

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Donnerstag, Dezember 20th, 2007

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