Your Story I: Ryan

The first commenter on this post about me turning your requirements into a story idea was Ryan. If you don’t know what I am talking about, read the previous post. Otherwise, enjoy the story.

What I got:

Language: English

Genre: Science-fiction Bollywood-musical romantic comedy

You must incorporate the following elements in some agreeably camp but non-ridiculous fashion: two high-couture superstars of indeterminate sex on the run from the law, a madcap road trip across the Gobi Desert, and a giant sub-glacial volcano that holds some wonderful secret.


The story idea:

Okay, since Bollywood musicals don’t really incorporate the musical numbers into the story, that part can pretty much be ignored. This is just a story idea, not the final script, so the musical numbers are not included. The setting is the not to distant future. Global warming has changed the planet. It’s warm everywhere and water is lacking. New devices have been developed to allow people to use water from unlikely sources, like cacti. But even though most people now live in desert-like places, the real deserts, like the Gobi desert, are still unpopulated and regarded as death-traps.

Our story starts at a beauty pageant in Bangalore. Alex and Charlie are two haute-couture superstars who are judges in the pageant. Nobody knows whether they are men or women and in a world where reproduction is achieved by artificial means and the dominant church condemns pleasure sex, nobody really cares. They are extremely beautiful – and that is all that matters. The other thing that nobody, or nearly nobody, knows about them is that they are secret agents. Alex is a British agent, very similar to old favourite James Bond. Smart, sophisticated and willing to risk everything for their country. Charlie is a Russian agent. Beautiful and alluring, their intelligence and patriotism is often overlooked. And even though they have often met on the international haute-couture circuit, they don’t know that the other one is also a secret agent.

As they are judging, the pageant is suddenly surrounded by police who have come to arrest both Alex and Charlie. But seeing themselves alone apart from each other, they manage to escape by helping each other. They are chased to the airport, where they hide in a cargo flight to Ulan Bator. On the flight, Charlie manages to contact the Russian secret service who informs them that terrorist leader Bigga Dicka (you can never go amiss with a Monty Python reference!) has found out about their secret agent status and informed Asian police forces that they are carrying weapons illegally – which they of course are. Alex has to trust Charlie’s boss on this, since the Made in Britain cell phone carried by all British agents doesn’t allow for contacting home so far away from home. So when they debark in Ulan Bator, they have no choice but to continue their journey to the terrorist’s hide-out in the Himalaya using a rental car, since they can’t book a flight with police looking for them and everybody knowing what they look like.

And so they travel to the Himalaya, having to cross the Gobi desert, which naturally leads to some madcap action on their road trip. But they also discover some growing affection for each other (the romance part), but they don’t know how to impress that to the other, since they don’t know the other person’s gender and absolutely don’t want to be gay (the comedy part).

When they arrive at the Himalaya, they discover that the terrorist hide-out is in a long cold volcano that is hidden beneath a glacier. But they not only discover the terrorist there! They also discover, after their love for each other has helped them defeat the terrorist and swart their evil plan, that Bigga Dicka has files on them. And when they see each other’s, they also discover the other’s sex. One is a man and one is a woman. And so they give up their secret agent lifestyle and move into the nice volcano base, where they live happily ever after. THE END.

Some advise for the future: Ryan tried to make his requirements so ridiculous, that they became so detailed that the story practically wrote itself. I didn’t really have to add a lot to turn the requirements into an idea. I hope the next challenger will have something a bit more difficult for me.

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