Minute Movie Review – The Constant Gardener


The Constant Gardener tells the story of a British diplomat in Kenia after his wife is brutally murdered. In flashbacks we learn about their life, her secrets from him, before we follow him as he slowly discovers them along with a plot involving major pharmaceutical companies. The movie is supposed to be a thriller, but is not very tantalising. It gets better in second part, when the story follows the husband, who at least has reasons for his search, but overall I felt the movie lacked anything to keep it truly interesting.

Random Observations:

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If you want to see a movie that displays perfectly what is wrong in Africa (and how Western countries are responsible for it), I’d recommend “Blood Diamond“. Ralph Fiennes, who plays the lead here, is a fine actor, but Leonardo DiCaprio is much better.

The first part of the story is the flashback to the killed wife’s life and is rather boring for a simple reason: While idealists may be very commendable and should be admired and what not, they don’t make for a good story. Interesting is what moves people, what motivates people – and simple idealism is a very boring motivation. That is why the second half is better, because the murder of one’s wife is much more interesting. (I’m not saying idealism is bad, I just say it makes a very boring story.)

Rachel Weisz got an Oscar (and other awards) for her performance as the idealist wife and while her performance was okay, there was really nothing spectacular about it. Maybe she got those awards for the many gratuitous nude shots? (I’m a cynic, I know.)

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