The Crocodile Hunter

In den Kommentaren zur Erzählung meines Autounfalls und der unangenehmen Folgen (hier zu finden) wurde ich aufgefordert (um es mal freundlich auszudrücken), ein Gedicht über Steve Irwin, den inoffiziellen australischen Nationalhelden, zu schreiben. Ich habe dies erfolgreich bis vor einer Stunde vor mir hergeschoben, aber jetzt endlich gemacht. Es ist allerdings auf Englisch, nicht auf Deutsch, da ich hoffe, es hier noch gewinnbringend zu verkaufen… Ich wünsche viel Vergnügen bei der Lektüre.

The Crocodile Hunter

I was afraid – like never before,
my heart was pounding – and even more,
I had never known so much fear -
and then the croc was killed by a spear.

I looked around, surprise in my eye
and simply was sure that I saw a lie.
Ten feet behind me my hero stood
dressed in a loin cloth and even barefoot.

The crocodile hunter had saved my life,
and there, just behind him, stood his wife.
Steve and Terri with Bindi and Bob -
it was the whole Irwin family mob.

The kids skinned the croc while Steve talked to me,
declared it a shame to have killed this beauty.
As the smell of roast croc filled the air
Steve explained about his search for an heir.

Little Bob might only be two months old,
but on croc wrestling he was already sold!
Steve didn’t know how much time he had got
and so he decided to teach his tot.

As we ate the estuarine crocodile
- the most dangerous one this side of the Nile -
I grew accustomed to Irwin’s strange ways,
to his love for the danger in all our bays.

He didn’t just love the croc like his kin,
he was equally partial to anythin’
with claws, talons, a sting or a fin
and everything with leathery skin.

We parted ways at dawn the next day
and this I am not proud to say:
as I left the camp I saw a stingray
and baited it in a most cruel way.

So as Steve went for a dive later,
he was not killed by an alligator,
but rather by my careless behaviour
and that after he had been my saviour!

So how did I thank him for all his kind acts?
By constantly pointing out the true facts:
For let’s face it without being hazy,
there’s no doubt my hero was completely crazy!

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