The Return of the King

I have returned! My unexplained absence is over. More than eight weeks I was far from any computer and let me tell you: it was awesome! I highly recommend it. At some point you just stop caring that there is a world out there with interesting events going on.

In any case, now I am back. For the time being, that changes nothing. The regular updates will continue, spiced up every now and then by new entries. And then, who knows, it might be time for a big change here at Fabricated Truth. But for now, that is a top secret project, so stay tuned for further exciting hints…

In any case, I will now be once more able to read your comments and respond to them, so feel free to complain about the lack of proper information. And also about my newly increased confidence. I don’t think I have ever referred to myself as “the King” before…

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One Response to “The Return of the King”

  1. Larry sagt:

    hey ho!
    hab mir grad mal deine homepage angeschaut un finds irgendwie cool hier deine internet-seite kennen zu lernen un dich gleichzeitig gut zu kennen :)! ansonsten alles klar bei dir? antwort mir vllt per mail. ich schreib hier grad s erste comment un weiß net, ob ich dann vergess wieder reinzuschaun, um ne antwort von dir zu lesen. läuft des überhaupt so?
    jedenfalls wünsch ich dir ne gute zeit! un ne gute heimfahrt von münchen ;)! erzähl dann mal wie s war.
    grüßle, die larry (larissa k.)

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