Two Years of Movie Reviews

Two years ago today, I wrote my first ever Minute Movie Review. Fittingly enough, it was about the début feature of one of my favourite directors, Wes Anderson – a little gem called Bottle Rocket. In the two years since, another 318 films got the Minute Movie Review treatment. Today there are 320 of those reviews and to give you an idea of what that number actually means, I admit that I accidentally wrote two reviews for the same film, a few months apart, because I had forgotten that I already reviewed the film.

In addition to those 320 Minute Movie Reviews, there are 97 further posts I wrote for this blog (plus a few that were never published, for various reasons (i.e. they sucked)). I hope that impresses you enough to allow me this little celebratory note. I promise the next post will actually contain something worth reading – again or for the first time, depending on your point of view.

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