Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Minute Movie Review


One day, Ferris Bueller plays sick to avoid going to school. The film follows what he does with the day off while also detailing the exploits of his headmaster who is trying to catch him. The premise is incredibly simple, but with quick wit, some real insights into teenage mentality, a barrage of fantastical and often hilarious scenes, the film has become the quintessential teenage comedy – before those solely consisted of fart and sex jokes. A light-hearted, extremely funny film, that it is very easy to identify with and that everybody should have seen at least once. Although I doubt you will be able to stop at once, even if this is not part of your fondest memories of youth.

Random Observations:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at the IMDb

Yes, I heeded my own advice and watched this film in memory of the late John Hughes.

The school nurse is called Florence Sparrow.

I don’t remember ever seeing Alan Ruck, who, at 29, played Ferris’ best friend Cameron, in any other film, but he is great here, perfectly handling the few truly serious moments.

In a way, this film is much more about Cameron than about Ferris anyway.

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