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A Prologue

Freitag, Januar 18th, 2013

The following is the beginning of the prologue I wrote just now to a story that has been floating around my head for longer than I can remember – four years at least. I like the story, but I somehow could never bring all the pieces together even inside my head. My working title was and still is “My Second Life”. It’s a silly title and I need to come up with something better soon before abandoning the idea completely, but it’s the only title I have right now so now it’s public. The subtitle is “A Tall Tale”. The point is that the entire story is beyond ridiculous. It’s silly. It’s preposterous. And I think it’s a lot of fun.

But I fear that I may be alone in that assessment. There is no way anyone would ever want to read and, more importantly, publish this. Furthermore, I was worried that people would think it was autobiographical. So it never bothered me much that I couldn’t make it work quite right in my head. And so the bits and pieces of it I’d written over the years just sat around on my computer and didn’t amount to much. Until I had an idea for how to start the other day and decided to just give it a go and see where it leads me. Please understand that this is a very, very rough first draft. I wrote it in under an hour just now. There are many things wrong with it. But I thought it might be fun to put on here. Also, this is only about two thirds of the prologue. The rest gives a much clearer indication of where the story is headed and I don’t want to share that quite yet. So basically, this is a pointless exercise in patience. Read on at your own risk.

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The Crocodile Hunter

Samstag, Oktober 29th, 2011

In den Kommentaren zur Erzählung meines Autounfalls und der unangenehmen Folgen (hier zu finden) wurde ich aufgefordert (um es mal freundlich auszudrücken), ein Gedicht über Steve Irwin, den inoffiziellen australischen Nationalhelden, zu schreiben. Ich habe dies erfolgreich bis vor einer Stunde vor mir hergeschoben, aber jetzt endlich gemacht. Es ist allerdings auf Englisch, nicht auf Deutsch, da ich hoffe, es hier noch gewinnbringend zu verkaufen… Ich wünsche viel Vergnügen bei der Lektüre. (weiterlesen …)

5 Books I Love to Read over and over again

Montag, Mai 18th, 2009

It may not always be obvious, but long before I became a film fanatic, I was an avid reader. From my childhood days onwards, there was hardly a day which I didn’t spend with my nose in a book. For a long time, I read almost everything I could find – luckily, my parents had a knack for picking out great books, so that probably helped further my love for the written word. My formative years were spent in the company of Astrid Lindgren, Michael Ende and Erich Kästner and to these day I am convinced that they are the three greatest authors of children’s literature ever.

None of them are represented on this list, however, for as much as I love their books, I also feel I have outgrown them slightly. Occasionally, I pick one of them up and remember the good old days when reading was the greatest thing imaginable. Nowadays, I read much less and very erratically. There are periods – months sometimes, in which I do not turn a single page. And then there are times where I read five books a week and seem to be doing little else.

The five books (or “written works”, rather) I am going to talk about in this article are ones I treasure above all others. Not because I believe they are the best ever written or even my favourite ones, but because they are a sort of comfort food for the mind for me. Whenever I’m feeling down, I love to pick them back up and read them again. They, quite simply, cheer me up. So don’t expect great Russian literature of the 18th century after the jump, but a declaration of love for books many people would consider – maybe even rightfully so – trite.

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The Greatest Movie Never Made

Freitag, Mai 2nd, 2008

Three months ago, when the writers’ strike was still in full effect, I wrote a letter to Wes Anderson. Yes, an actual hand-written letter (of 800 words, no less). In it, I proposed to write a screenplay for him that could be turned into a truly terrific film. Sadly, Mr. Anderson hasn’t replied to my letter to this day. Since I’m sick and tired of waiting for him to realize how great this story is, I’m going to post it here. Many other directors, producers and film-makers frequent this site and I’m sure many of them will be interested in picking up this exciting project. Please excuse the fact that the story is still contained inside the letter format, but since I’m not yet getting paid for this, I couldn’t be bothered to remove the parts addressed to Mr. Anderson. I’m sure you understand. (weiterlesen …)

Dein Gedicht II: Tines Gedicht

Mittwoch, April 30th, 2008

Nach einigen Wochen jetzt hier endlich die Fortsetzung der “Dein Gedicht” Reihe. Die Vorgaben diesmal: Sommersonnenschein, Heißluftballonfahrt und Flußbegradigung. Das, sicherlich etwas überraschende, Resultat folgt nach dem immer noch nicht individualisierten “Mehr”-Link.
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Dein Gedicht I: Christophs – nicht mein – Gedicht

Mittwoch, April 16th, 2008

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich, anknüpfend an den umwerfenden Erfolg der Herausforderung, Deine Geschichte zu schreiben, versprochen, auch Dein Gedicht zu schreiben. Die Vorgaben sind einfach: Ein Kommentar zu dem zuvor verlinkten Eintrag mit drei Wörtern oder Satzbausteinen, die jeweils nicht mehr als sieben Silben enthalten, sowie im Zweifelsfall die gewünschte Sprache, und ich bastle daraus ein Gedicht. Die Bausteine können beliebig gewählt werden, aber wenn sich jemand ein “armloses Auto” wünscht, sollte derjenige kein allzu ernstes Gedicht erwarten. Die einzig ernste Beschränkung sind die sieben Silben pro Baustein, an die sich Christoph, der nicht mit mir identisch ist, mit seinen Wünschen “Vorstrafenregister”, “Diätplan” und “Wäscheleine” perfekt gehalten hat.

Das Gedicht folgt nach diesem Link, von dem ich immer noch nicht rausgefunden habe, wie man ihn individualisiert.
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Let me write your poem

Dienstag, April 8th, 2008

After the astounding success of the “Your Story Challenge“, to which a boatload of people responded (I’m talking, obviously, about a rowing boat), time has come to challenge me with something new. So instead of telling your stories, I will now write your poems. The rules are similar and similarly simple: Post a comment to this entry containing three words/phrases you want me to use in the poem and the language you want the poem to be written in (in case the words/phrases can be used in different languages). Each of the words/phrases can be anything you want, but don’t expect the poem to be serious if one of your phrases is “legless car”. Each word/phrase can’t be longer than seven syllables, because otherwise the poem won’t be recognizable as such. So, “car” is okay, “legless car” is fine, “a flying legless car” is also alright, but “a flying legless German car” is out of the question. Understood? Good. And remember, I want three of those phrases (or single words, if you are more classically inclined). As stated above, please also add the language. For this challenge, I offer a wide range of languages ranging from English over German to English and back again. Only one entry per customer, so think wisely, and don’t expect more than one poem per day and probably a lot less since I am lazy. German translation of the instructions might follow.

Your Story VI: Tine II

Dienstag, Februar 12th, 2008

After a longer hiatus (for reasons I really don’t want to go into right now) “Your Story” returns with a short story. According to the universal rules of short story writing, if you can’t find a plot, a beginning or an ending or basically anything that makes sense in a short story, this is entirely your fault. You just didn’t get it. So enjoy this one – and remember that you can still submit your own challenge here. (weiterlesen …)

Your Story V: Charlotte

Mittwoch, Januar 30th, 2008

Romantic comedies – the archnemesis of all failed novelists. Once more, you can read here what this is all about. And if you don’t understand the “What I got” part, try the translation underneath. And for everybody who expected something different from the given items: This is a very rough draft. The general idea is there, but I didn’t have the time and patience to put it into a proper story. Maybe I’ll amend it some day, but for now contend yourself with this skeleton of a story idea. (weiterlesen …)

Your Story III: Macbeth

Dienstag, Januar 29th, 2008

This is the fourth entry in the “Your Story” series – I know my numbering is off. What this is all about, can be read here. I won’t deny that this challenge was a little bit more difficult. My first thoughts were about a re-telling of Macbeth, but apparently that wasn’t what was requested. Instead, it is a story that focuses just on the three characters named. I’m not sure whether it can really compete with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but I hope you like it anyway. (weiterlesen …)