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4 Wochen London

Dienstag, Juni 4th, 2013

Heute bin ich seit vier Wochen in London. Und wie das häufig so ist bei so großen Veränderungen im Leben, scheint es gleichzeitig schon viel länger und doch erst viel kürzer zu sein. Irgendwie habe ich mich schon vollkommen angepasst und trotzdem immer noch nicht eingelebt. Und seit Wochen, also praktisch seit meiner Ankunft hier, will ich auch unbedingt mal über mein neues Leben bloggen. Aber irgendwie komme ich einfach nicht dazu. Hier also die absolute Kurzfassung der letzten 28 Tage:

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Ein Fremder im eigenen Land

Freitag, Mai 17th, 2013

Als ich im Dezember nach Deutschland zurückgekehrt bin, wollte ich eigentlich nur ein oder zwei Monate in der alten Heimat bleiben. Am Ende sind dann doch wieder fünf daraus geworden, bevor ich den Absprung ins diesmal nicht ganz so ferne Ausland geschafft habe. Ich hatte also eigentlich ausreichend Zeit, um mich wieder einzuleben, aber in manchen Dingen hat das dann doch nicht so ganz geklappt.

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Other places I write

Freitag, Januar 25th, 2013

I know I promised to once again write more often here, but as usual that is not quite working out the way I planned. So instead of quickly knocking something together that is really to embarassing to be published, like I did last week, here are some other place on the web where you can tide yourself over with tiny bits of my eccentric writing.

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The Return of the King

Samstag, Juli 31st, 2010

I have returned! My unexplained absence is over. More than eight weeks I was far from any computer and let me tell you: it was awesome! I highly recommend it. At some point you just stop caring that there is a world out there with interesting events going on.

In any case, now I am back. For the time being, that changes nothing. The regular updates will continue, spiced up every now and then by new entries. And then, who knows, it might be time for a big change here at Fabricated Truth. But for now, that is a top secret project, so stay tuned for further exciting hints…

In any case, I will now be once more able to read your comments and respond to them, so feel free to complain about the lack of proper information. And also about my newly increased confidence. I don’t think I have ever referred to myself as “the King” before…

Happy Birthday, Wes Anderson

Samstag, Mai 1st, 2010

Dear Wes,

I just wanted to wish you a very happy 41st birthday and many happy returns! May you have a wonderful day. Oh, and just let me remind you that I’m still waiting for a reply to that letter I wrote you.



My Left Eye

Mittwoch, April 7th, 2010

My Left Foot is the autobiographical novel by Christy Brown, an Irish painter who suffered from cerebral palsy, which was later made into a film of the same name starring Daniel Day-Lewis, who won his first Academy Award for it. My Left Eye is currently swollen almost shut, preventing me from doing any of the things I enjoy, like looking at stuff.

My Left Eye

My Left Eye

There and Back Again

Donnerstag, Januar 21st, 2010

Wie einige von Euch vielleicht wissen, bin ich mit einem Hobbit befreundet. Dieser Hobbit, Sebastian Hebig mit Namen, ist vor ein paar Stunden zu einer sechsmonatigen Weltreise aufgebrochen und schreibt darüber auch einen Reisebericht – unter eben jenem Titel “There and Back Again”, allerdings auf Deutsch. Zu finden ist das Ganze unter und da ich Sebastians Stil und Eloquenz, aber auch seine Neugier und Weltoffenheit, kenne, kann ich versichern, dass dies auf jeden Fall lesenswert ist. Also, Lesezeichen setzen und virtuell mitreisen!

Two Years of Movie Reviews

Donnerstag, Oktober 29th, 2009

Two years ago today, I wrote my first ever Minute Movie Review. Fittingly enough, it was about the début feature of one of my favourite directors, Wes Anderson – a little gem called Bottle Rocket. In the two years since, another 318 films got the Minute Movie Review treatment. Today there are 320 of those reviews and to give you an idea of what that number actually means, I admit that I accidentally wrote two reviews for the same film, a few months apart, because I had forgotten that I already reviewed the film.

In addition to those 320 Minute Movie Reviews, there are 97 further posts I wrote for this blog (plus a few that were never published, for various reasons (i.e. they sucked)). I hope that impresses you enough to allow me this little celebratory note. I promise the next post will actually contain something worth reading – again or for the first time, depending on your point of view.

Stray Thoughts III

Freitag, Oktober 16th, 2009

I perform significantly better on English IQ tests than German ones. My English cleverness knows why that is, but my native language insecurities prevent me from stating it.

Stray Thoughts II

Montag, Oktober 12th, 2009

It’s very odd to see the moon at noon.